Congrats Roughriders

On winning the Western Division and the honour of hosting the Western Final.....hope my team gets the chance to play you guys again this year...

how nice :smiley:

thank you.

...gotta give credit where credit is due.....and hats off to the long starved fans in Regina who will finally get to experience a WF....

Great game! glad the Rider's won for two reason's.

  1. Riders are my second favourite team
  2. The Stamp's would probably have a better shot of knocking off those pesky Eskimo's :lol:

First time I will get to see a Western Final in person. So pumped and excited right now.

Word is the Rider fans have a louder volume that they plan to unleash at the Western semi. Is that possible? :lol:


Thanks Red
Quick question for u
Would have u given up the safety
I know its a lose lose situation
but it made it 2 Score game (9 pts)

...yes, Huf made the right call...

If you don't give up two, it's gauranteed 3, but that's still two scores and you get the ball back. So I don't agree with giving up two.

I guess in retrospect, the best thing to have done is go for it, since we got the touchdown anyways, but how can you know that. Although, I still think, in that situation, 2 or 3 is no difference, except you get the ball back in one case.

Congrats to the Riders, coming back after last weeks loss to us, they rebounded nicely and showed they wanted it. Good game. Man the Rider fans look great on TV, so much passion, great to see, unless they are playing the Cats then I want them to look depressed of course. :wink:

RedandWhite............when did you turn into such a kiss ass???? LOL

I kid, and yes congratulations riders. You guys whine and complain a lot, but yes even i can admit you probably
are due for a Western home final game.

Enjoy your time off, and dont forget to watch the semi final game, it should be a good one.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:


Takes some class to post something like this, or you lost a bet :wink:

I'm finally looking forward to watching a semifinal game where I have no vested interest in either team AND the Riders haven't missed the playoffs.

Like many here, this will be the first West Final I've ever been to. Good luck to both teams next week, I hope it's a hard hitting affair :wink:

Nice Spinal Tap reference.
"It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."

I miss going to Western Finals in BC Place. Feels like eternity now :frowning:

Grats Riders.

:-) thanks Red and White.. maybe we will see you in 2 weeks.. good luck against the Eskies..