Congrats Riders

Ah man! you guys sure know how to spoil a nice day. Congrats for another great game by your team. Sure looks like some have woken up. New season I guess. Good luck.

yeah, it did not look promising at first. I was a bit surprised Buck stayed in after INT #3.

Hope the Bombers bounce back okay, tough back to back losses, and perhaps a couple key injuries on D

Thanks, LeBird. Your gang will regroup - hopefully see you again in the GC

Riders played a good game. Congratulations to them. You just never know what the season will bring. Every team has a way to go and anything can happen. It looks like a year of up and down swings are in order this season. Have no clue how this season will finish. Well more games to come. More fun.

yup. HUGE game for the Bombers next week!

this is for all those Bomber fans who totally disrespected us!


And somehow that is respectful? I we don't rise above them, aren't we just like them?


There are a couple on here who do that consistently. What can you do.

Your right every team has them.I have no problem with that. But I do have a problem with some fans that come on the Winnipeg Sun and use foul language. That's going too far in my book.

they deserve it! they come onto the Rider Facebook pages and constantly put crap on there and laughed in our faces! We as Rider fans have the right to have the last laugh! especially when this "Swaggerville BS" got them into big trouble!

that's all I'm doing!

ps, the Bomber fans are awful quiet tonight..... :rockin:

You clearly don't get it. Just because some idiot rival fan disrespects you, don't come down to their level. You are now no better than they are.

You throw it back at them, and guess what... the next time your team loses (and they will), they retaliate against you.

Never ending cycle. Grow a pair, have some class and take the high road.

I had my little fun today. you will realize that I'm not suddenly thinking the Riders are unbeatable and Grey Cup Bound....

I'm realistic, cautious, careful..

You sure are classy.

Il semble que les Roughriders se soient enfin mis en marche en battant de brillante façon deux fois plutôt qu'une les meneurs de la ligue. Ils se sont regroupés autour de Ken Miller et ont joué du football inspiré. La fin de la saison sera très intéressante si les Roughriders et les Lions se mettent de la partie.

Pendant que les autres travaillent, les meneurs dorment!!!

You're moving the target now. The discussion is not about whether we think we will win out and win the GC so don't change it to that. It is about how we treat others when we do win a game. Let the record speak for itself. Right now at 3-7, it ain't shouting from the rooftops. If it ever gets to 7-7 or even better, it will speak a little louder, but still it will speak for itself. If we do have the good fortune to win the GC, that will speak for itself, too. In short, no matter where the win, we can be content knowing we won - nothing more need be said to ridicule the opponent.

oh god. whatever.

at least I'm willing to speak up!

Thanks LeBird. I see your thread has been hijacked. We played well but got a few lucky bounces along the way. I think poor old Buck had some after affects from the Butler hit. Good luck the rest of the season - you can win out the rest of the year until we meet you in the GC.

ever heard the expression 2 wrongs don't make a right?

most people try to elevate themselves to a level portrayed above them, not see a lower standard and say...hey, that is easier.