Congrats Riders from Swaggerville

To the Riders and their fans our hats off for a very well played football game. Your team played like they should and took it to us. No excuses.

See you all next week end. Maybe it might be our turn. The good thing... Montreal lost.

Classy. :thup:

Hopefully next week is a good one, too. I usually pick a split in back-to-backs, and this week will be no exception. I fully expect a vastly different Bomber squad to take the field.

But I like Montreal!

ahhhh j/k
I am a fan of all teams (including the Bombers), except for 1, kinda, and that is for personal reasons, sorta.

Standings in the East are getting a Goldmember recently.

I can tell from your toight pants

Thanks for the kind words. I think next week will be a completely different story with the end result not being decided until the last seconds.

But BC and Edmonton won :expressionless:

Thanks, classy as stated earlier. Look forward to a barn burn in the peg.....

Thank you very much. Back at ya next week. Lookin forward to it. Expecting your house to be about as loud as ours.

I think the name Swaggerville needs to disappear now.

you can't call yourself Swaggerville when you lose BIG to the "worst" team :wink: in the league TWICE!

Aww, that would be no fun. :frowning:

I still like it.

Run with it
Market it
make the coin
Be like the Lions and the Riders...don't let the CFL handle your it in house. If Braley has any intention of holding the Argos long term and not just holding until a good buyer is around then the Argos will likely follow suit as well.