Congrats Prechae - Eastern Finalist

P-Rod has been chosen as the Eastern finalist for the Rookie of the Year award. Well deserved, good luck, and congratulations!! :smiley: :thup:

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Rodriguez will be going up against Weston Dressler!

I think we may have this one won!!!!

I hope so, but the media has had a huge man crush on Dressler this season.

Congrats. He earned it.

Good luck to Prechae I hope that he wins.

At least we'll have won something other that 1st pick over-all...again.

Yes, another bright spot and cause for optimism.

Congratulations Big Play Prechae!

Great news. I look forward to the Porter/Prechae combo next year.

Great news indeed. We definitely have a bunch of good young guys. A little more experience and we will be a force.

I am Pretty Sure Dressler will get it …
Congrats to Big Play for Being East Nominee

Great news and great work!!

What do you base your responce on - how do you figure Dressler will get it? P - Rod has a pretty fair chance of taking the award IMHO…

Very Simple Team Record These awards are Voted on by The Press and League Members .
They will vote for the Guy with the best Team and Record
That is Dressler , after all they are hosting a Game this week.
Will we sit Home again.
I agree P-Rod had Great year but where stilling home..
I Hope he wins it but his chances are not great .. I say The odds to win are:
Dressler 2 to 1
P-Rod 50 to 1

I will put $100 on Prechae

Dressler also put up better numbers in a shorter time.

Not to take anything away from Rodriquez though he will give Rambo and SImon a run for their money next year.

I am not takings bid that's not Legal lol
Just Saying I don't think his chances are good

Dressler will win because he had big plays that actually won important games for the Riders (like the one against us in Hamilton). Plus, Rodriguez dropped a few TD passes.

However, Rodriguez is a great player. He will be the next superstar in this league. When was the last time we had a legit deep threat like this guy? Love to watch him play.

You'll have to go to the Endzone for that.

(btw, if they vote for the guy on the best team, how did Prechae get this far?)

You'll have to go to the Endzone for that.

(btw, if they vote for the guy on the best team, how did Prechae get this far?)

East Reporters Voted for him
But they Vote with the West Reporters in the End.

Congrats P-Rod. You are simply the best.

So why didn't the East reporters vote for the guy on the best team?