Congrats Ottawa - Grey Cup Champs

Congratulations go out to the Ottawa RedBlacks and all their fans for a well deserved Grey Cup Championship. The fans sold out most of the games this season and supported their team, they deserve this as much as anyone.

I should also give some props to Calgary for never quitting and fighting to the end to turn a rout into a very good Grey Cup game. They had 15 wins for a reason and they didn't go down without a fight.

Dust, well said! I ditto all that :thup:

Yes. Well said. One of the great Grey Cups in history. I NEVER thought Ottawa had a chance.

...agree with everything said above, it was a great game and in the end the REDBLACKS leave victorious, congrats...

Up there with the '05 double overtime game.

I'm still buzzing from the incredible comeback and OT door slam.

Wasn't sure who I'd be cheering for, but once the game started it was Ottawa all the way. 40-year drought ends with another catch they'll remember 40 years from now. :thup:

Can't wait to see the rematch in about 7 months. :frowning:

Agreed, can't believe its that long away though!

Classic Grey Cup game.

Thought Hank & his gang were running out of gas after accumulating the big lead. Classic 2 + out football that lets the other team back in.

Parades gassing a convert was a game-changer.

Bo Canada looked lie a Vinny Bomberino at times - barfing up 3 picks.

When Hank appeared to be running out of gas - he suddenly dug deeper - and pulled it out of the fire!

Great ad for CFL in Toronto - great lakefront images, etc.

Great half-time show!

If I were the CFL I'd let Sportsnet/CBC back in the game - allowing them to be exclusive regular season broadcasters of Toronto Argonaut games. That means 9 games at home, 9 away. Develops an extra broadcast team to supplement TSN's coverage.

Little competition couldn't hurt. Allowing Sportsnet to get in on the ground floor may not be palatable to TSN/Bell but it puts more food (money) on the table. Is there a problem?

It’s not a bad thought, having CBC/Sportsnet do some games if they put in a solid bid for such, but don’t forget that Bell/TSN owns the Argos, so I don’t think they’d let those particular games go to the competition.

Yes, hats off and big props to the RedBlacks and their fan base. :thup:

40 year drought ends. :thup:

And NO to CBC Sportsnet.

Were you guys watching the same game? Take off the rose coloured glasses because this was no way to sell the CFL. An 8-9-1 team is their Champion? Ludicrious video review decisions, insane penalties (how did Proulx get in this game, compromising pictures of Orridge?) and a first half that was at best average and at times rather dull.

Turned this turkey off before they even got to the half as it reminded me why I have only watched one complete game since July; video review, poor officiating and coaches challenges have sucked the life and entertainment value out of the game.

Pretty sure you're in the minority on this one. By all accounts a hugely entertaining game with a bit of everything, including a classic "underdog makes good" storyline.

Consider the possibility that the rest of the world may be the ones who are correct here. Or at least, that those who actually watched the whole game are in a better position to judge.

Best game of the year, and it was for the Grey Cup. Really, how could you have asked for a better game? It had everything to make it an all-time classic.

After Henry Burris threw the interception, I was thinking here comes Bad Hank. But then, he proves me wrong by pulling out a victory in overtime. Gotta love it when a 41 year old QB beats the team who traded him away 5 years ago because they thought he was just about done.

yep!, and a good quote from the Ottawa Sun:

He passed for 461 yards and three touchdowns. He ran for two touchdowns. He controlled as much of the game as any quarterback can. He did it on a knee that almost let him down before the game began.

Congrats to the REDBLACKS they played tremendous, Hank was outstanding, Great game!
So what do the 1 division people think now?
This certainly proves, that what happens during the regular season means diddly squat in the playoffs!

Exactly. All the braying, all the trashing of the east division ... and the eastern team with the losing record convincingly beats the supposedly unstoppable western juggernaut in the Grey Cup game. And frankly, the final score flattered the Stampeders. They were simply not in the game for most of it.

Must be a weird feeling for Hamilton fans to see Desjardins, Burris, Williams, Ellingson etc.... Win a GC in year three.

Congrats to Ottawa.

Great storylines in and around the game.
Underdog takes a big lead. the favourite comes back in the last second. OT clincher.

Great game all around.

Not sure how people find too many things that were negative in the game and the whole production, including the Half time show.

Those that didn’t go to the game in Toronto, and all the negative critics leading up to this game should be eating crow.
You don’t even have to be a football fan to have enjoyed it. And I was cheering for Calgary.

Yeah it looks really good on them!!!!! :lol:

Yes, congrats all around. Nobody was expecting an Ottawa win, but they managed to pull it off.

Great game from start to finish; even the halftime show was pretty good with all the lighted wrist bands.

Anyone who didn't go, missed out. :thup: