Congrats on the Win

On behlaf of rider fans congrats on your Grey cup win. Enjoy your off season as champs and be prepared for battle next season when we avenge our loss. Good to see Al's fans showing class unlike other posters. :cowboy:

Yes congrats on the win. It was a very entertaining game.


Congrats t0 the Riders. Everyone figured they would finish last, they proved the country wrong!
They played a great game and could just as easily have one it, They prob should have

What a game guys, i was totally depressed at half time , then things started to pick up at 3/4 and the last 10 mins had me screaming in my livingroom...can't beleive it, what a comeback!

So proud of you guys!



The Riders are a phenomenal team and Ken Miller is a class act. Hats off for a great game. I am sure the Green Machine will be back next season. :thup:

Bright days ahead for the Riders. Durant will provide many thrills to that team. Grey Cup went to the most deserving team this year.

Maybe now . Fans will understand that sometime a little luck or bad luck is the difference between a championship and a loss before they toss the term Chocker around.

The comments on this thread show the vast majority of Saskatchewan fans for what they are: a classy, stand-up group whose loyalty is to be admired. As an acquaintance in Toronto once said, in his profound little way, “CFL fans have more in common than not.”
That said, I hope Rider Nation has the sense to disavow the ignoramus in the stadium crowd who was shown holding up a sign that read “Gophers eat frog legs for dinner.” And give TSN a boot in the keester for providing this moron with a national audience.

What a way to win. The riders gave the als a really run for their money and came so close to winning it themselves. They got something really special there in Durant and I totally expect to see them back there next year barring a huge string of injuries

I saw that biggot and if I had been anywhere near that joker. I'd have shown him a couple 28" Frog Quads and put his lights out.

As irritating as that slur still is Im glad that guy got some crow to go with his frog legs

Congrats on the cup Als. Whoever said that the sask fans are classy never went to a game in Alberta. Most of Sask lives here. If I acted in mosaic like they act in Commonwealth, I'd be wearing every beer from 20 rows around. Fine line between enthusiastic and obnoxius. The Rider Nation may have lost them the game. Al's finally get one. I think the east playoffs have been to easy a walk to prepare them for the grey cup over the last few years. The west teams have a tougher road all season. It may be time to abandon the east vs west format. Congrats agin Als and their fans.

Vraiment, je savais que vous ne pouviez pas perdre. Meme si j'avoue qu'apres la 3em période, je commencais a stresser.. mais javais quand meme confiance en vous.. Vous etes les meilleurs, comment auriez vous pu perdre!? d'aucune facon :smiley: alors bravo.. et je ne peu attendre la prochaine saison.. aller jvous regarde tout le temps . Ne changez sourtout pas!!

Congrats guys. You deserved it!!

Great game. Great finish.

Very classy, thanks guys, we sure know how you guys feel right now. See you next year, hopefully for a rematch.

Today's Gret Cup is good for the league!!! Great game. You made a lot of fans today.

What a game! I was so stressed and I can't believe we won the Grey Cup this time! Congrats to all the Riders fans, this game had been an incredible one!

This was the ultimate team effort....

Bratton's return

Chip Cox Sack

Parker's interception

Cobourne's , Cahoon and Bratton's second efforts on TD's

Calvillo's rushing head first in to contact

Boulay's fumble heads up recovery

A real team effort. Alouette Football they call it ! I am so happy for THEM...

I also noticed it… Calvillo wanted to win this game! He was ready to hurt himself to win it…