Congrats on the win!

Congrats for the win tonight. You guys definitely deserved. I kind of wish the Eskimos had played a little better, but what are you going to do?

It was fun trash talking with red and Jakob this week, and I wish your team luck next week against the Riders. :wink:

Stamps are lucky the esks offence didn't show up. Thank the refs on 2 big special play calls. Calgary definitely had the hometown calls. They were both game changers. Stamps didnt win, esks lost. Congrats.

Yeah, but none of that matters now. The Stamps advance, and the Esks get to clean out their lockers. That's all that matters now.

The reffing not the problem, it would have been a shame for Edmonton to win a game they were so outplayed/out coached in. Congrats Calgary, a well deserved victory.

it was great fun chief! lol but the guy about the reffing...really...i agree there were blown not sure what special teams penalties you are refering too...but how about some weird calls that helped you score? BOTH teams, IMO, got screwed equally...but thats not the point. whining about the refs is pointless at this point. it was a great game that went down to the final seconds like i was hoping for. heres hoping we take this momentum into the finals!

I guess i'll have to get the video and go over it, frame by frame.

why? the games over and your a rider fan...regardless we're comming hope you guys are ready

oh we're ready... :thup:

Calgary's defence might have had something to do with that. Don't forget that Esks' offence was on the field at the same time as the Stamp's defence.

I remember thinking the exact opposite of that on a couple calls that went Edmonton's way.

That makes no sense. If the Esks lost then the Stamps won, but you say the Stamps didn't win . . . weird :? .

That is the worst excuse for anybody to ever have. That means that the Esks are so bad they cannot execute at all. If they are so bad that they beat themselves, then that means they probably would have lost to a high school team. If they beat themselves it doesn't matter who they lost to which means they would have lost to anybody in the league, which means they are a terrible team and had no business competing. Remember these are your words not mine.

...^^ what he said.. :lol:

haha ya no kidding its ok, buddy just cant accept that we beat his team for some reason…not sure what that reason is seeing as how we have had their number all season. im just glad once again it was a close game. reffing suspicious on both teams that kinda equaled out but ya either way it was a good game and we are on to the finals and esks are cleaning their lockers