Congrats on the win

Good job Cats! Here's wishing you a good rest of the season, EXCEPT when you play the Riders LOL!!

we meet your riders next week!

See ya next Saturday

Congrats Cats.
Giving credit where credit is due.
Good job to all.

Yes congrats on the win! See what happens when you use Lumsden. Should be a dandy next week, The Riders are good at stopping the run, but can they stop Lumsden.

Congrats to the whole organisationon a great team effort
Congrats on breaking the cycle and turning the gorilla into an Orangoutang.

But most of all thank you for an exciting evening of football.

Stopping Lumsden will be a good test. Riders didn't play against him last year...probably on injury list! I'm looking forward to the clash at IVOR WYNNE.

By the you think the Ti-Cats will sell the naming rights to the stadium, or did Young acquire those when he bought the team?