Congrats on a gritty win!

Not often that my Als lose a game when we’re leading at the half. You guys are really picking it up. :thup:

...halfway through the third quarter I turned to my son and said 'regardless of who wins this game, we've been treated to one hellva slug-fest', and he replied 'I bet a mistake by one team wins it for the other' uncharacteristic one did just really could've gone either way....kudos to both teams for putting on a great afternoon of entertainment...

It was an awesome game. Both teams really put on a show. I thought the Als were going to take it at the end, but Mr. Raymond had something to say about that. Just beautiful.

The stamps played well all around, just a few things to gripe about... Taylor seemed ineffective. It would have been nice to run the ball a bit more, and you would like to see the defense could have come up with a few more timely stops. I'm not really complaining! The boys worked really hard and got it done against a very good team.

Congrats to the whole team, but especially Burris, Lewis, Forzani, Isaac, Peredes, Rambo... and Raymond who basically made the play of the stamps' season so far.

Can't help but agree with what has been said already. Awesome game to watch, could've gone either way, very entertaining.
Cngrads to the Stamps for playing a great game, and the Al's have nothing to be sorry for, played a great game as well.
IMO, it was the best game of the season so far.

Bring on Labour Day!

The last two games to me was something similar to playoff football with upbeat entertaiment. I really enjoy watching Burris direct the offense. Eskimos have their work cut out for them and I think Calgary is in first place and will remain there.

That was a great game. i Just hated that injury in the first. Im a little dissapointed in my fav player lewis. When a player on his own team lost many games from a tackle like that, he does the same thing. i guess offensive guys are not great tacklers... At least the league said it wasnt a horse collar. The rematch in montreal is going to be wild.

Yeah, seeing him get hurt sucked. I don't for a second think that Lewis was trying to horsecollar, if you watch the replay Nik basically throws himself at the guy, just trying to get a hand on him and make a touchdown saving tackle. Too bad it went down that way.