Congrats on 6-0 Rider Fans!

...that must be a magical feeling, an impressive start to the season and for a new head coacha nd not having last years MVP, a true team effort....

...if Sandro had punched in the FG at the end it would've been a stolen game because the horseys did not deserve the W whatsoever tonight, they did not play well..your team did...

...and kudos to the many great fans from both teams that filled McMahon was a great atmosphere and from what I saw everyoen behaved themselves for the most part... enjoy being undeafted for at least another week...your team has earned it and by extension given you, the fans, the right to be proud of that accomplishment...

I wouldn't exactly say the Stamps didn't deserve it...the second-half Stamps sure did, more than the second-half Riders did...overall a hard fought game - thanks to the Stamps for being a worthy foe...but next time, let's make it not come down to the last play, m'kay? I don't think my liver can take that kind of excitement... team made the necessary adjustments at have time to come back and make it interesting.

Neither team played exceptional enough to say they should have one or the other team got robbed. If Calgary had connected on the field goal it would have been a good win

The Stamps played a good quarter and a few minutes, and you gotta give credit for them hanging around. They didn't get a 1st down in the 3rd quarter until it was almost over but they very nearly pulled it out.

My humble opinion is the riders gave the Stamps multiple chances 2 take the lead and reality speaking they dropped the ball! I have no love for the Riders( Every time they win my dad shoves it in my face! he's born green& white) but they did it again! and it's an honest win! I still think someone on that team made a deal with the devil and thier soul, but short of that they keep doing it right! can't wait 4 my Lions 2 slap the spit outta there mouths soon! enjoy riders I truely believe the Lions owe ya 1 from last years Western Final! guess we'll C! Till Then Rock on! Calgary deserved 2 be run over tonight! Well done Riders

Great game played by both teams!!! See you next week!!

Boring second half I must say. We only managed to put up a measly 1 point in the second half. As soon as Dominguez went down so did our passing game. Maybe it is just because the Riders and Stamps are fairly evenly matched. Oh well, we are 6 and 0. Good game Calgary, see you again next week.

Classy post RedandWhite! Yes, it looked like a great time there all right!

Lions fans know all too well how 'magical' a feeling it is to go 6-0. We didn't have to wait 70+ years for our team to go 5-0, we did it just a few years ago. It's definitely a great start to the regular season for the Riders but there's a long way to go.

i'm going to the October 3rd game against the Stamps, and i can't wait. I live in saskatoon, so i don't go to games much.

Whatever, 6-0. It's great and all but if you're an Als fan, you know that hot starts don't necessarily mean very much.

6-0 means nothing come play off time - As the Lions fans or Patriot fans. I agree they are having a great start but it will mean little if they aren't hosting the cup at seasons end

Big win in a very tough place to get one.

Farmer Ken is pushing all the right buttons with the Rider players right now.

Thanks for the congrats R&W. 6-0 feels great. No matter what happens I am now able to say I was alive during the best start to a Rider season.

It's not such a magical feeling when u got all these injerys to worrie about.

I must admit that what the Saskatchewan Rough Riders have done this season, especially with all the injuries they've had is nothing short of amazing. They may have been a bit fortunate with winning a close game or having the ball bounce their way, but that is all part of football; they found a way to win, and that's all that matters. The Rider fans should be very proud of these results, and hopefully they can get some of their injured players back real soon, so we can see what they can do with a full team playing together.
My only regret is that I haven't picked the Riders every week in the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge. If I did, I'd have 3 more wins and be much closer to the lead.

Regardless of the 6-0 record, I think the 'riders are actually better this year. They certainly have a lot of depth anyway. And yes they've had some luck but, as you pointed out, good teams tend to. They're an exciting team to watch in any case, and the berserk fans have something to do with that.