Congrats new HOF members!!

Congrats to Milt and Damon Allen! Really well deserved there!!

Congrats to all other inductees for this years HOF!!

Some great players this year, grats! :thup:

Congrats to the 2011 inductees into the Canadian Fottball League HOF.

Excellent draft class.
All very worthy.
Very sad story about Tyrone Jones.
Congrats to all!

I'm disappointed that Wayne Shaw from the Riders (from the 60's) still hasn't been inducted.

Spelled Football wrong above :oops:
Fott; German word for lower back.

I got to meet, not sure if it was Wayne or his brother, Cliff, after one of my football games a few years back. He was my coaches Uncle, big big dude! From the stories I have heard about both of them is that Wayne was some animal!


Here the article about all the inductees!

Caveat: I don't know enough about the guy's full career to speak with authority.

But I must confess to having scratched my head over the Eric Lapointe induction. I guess it had to do a combination of university (it is the football hall of fame, not the cfl hall of fame) and longevity in the cfl. His cfl career alone wouldn't be what I would call hall of fame worthy. But congrats all the same from someone speaking from some ignorance (and I don't mean that in the perjorative sense :slight_smile: ).

Mtl fans may come to his defence here.