Congrats Milt

All of us Esks fans would like to say "Way to go Milt it couldn't have happened to a more classy guy! ." Thank god it didn't happen against us . Cheers

Ye congrats.

Watching the game right now...only thing I didn't like was how there was a 10 minute break to honour him.

I personally think they should've done it at half-time. It kind of takes the momentum out of the game.

Oh well, he deserved the crowds congratulations though.

Great job getting it at home as well!

Congrats Milt!

:thup: ConGrats

Look out next on the block
most passing yards
and the 2007 Grey Cup

Stamp Fan here salutes Milt and the Bomber Fans for this historic night. Thought he would have gotten a token gift for this achievement. Like this is BIG!!
Anyone know why his family wasn't there for this huge milestone? He mentioned Atlanta, where he lives in the off-season, as he said hello to all his family???

I'm sure he'll get something next home game

Congrats to Milt, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Congrats Milt.

.YOU'RE THE MAN MILT......A CLASS ACT AND A MASTERFUL RECEIVER.....thank the lucky stars he's playing for the BigBlue.....i couldn't imagine him being anywhere else...Congratulations Milt Stegal.....

frick i couldnt imagine cheering against milt im lucky i live in da peg cuz who knows i could have been a TORONTO FAN! omg i hope never have a bad dream like that

From a 'rider fan... Contrats Mr. Stegall.

You are the greatest "clutch" receiver in the history of the game. You could always be counted on for a 4th quarter TD and you stuck it out when the 'Bombers were having bad years.

I tip my hat to you.

way to go turtle man. i have never heard a noiser crowd then tonight for stegall. glad to see the cleanest player around achieve such an honor.

To the turtle man CFL ALL TIME TD KING

Good for you Milt.
I knew you could do it.
Milt you ROCK!

Congrats to a class act...job well done Milt.

From a Lion's fan who appreciates talent.