Congrats Milt!


That drive was all milt. AMAZING! Im so happy for him...

I totally thought he was going to get it on the play before but this works too lol

yeah lol. Home crowd showing him some love!

I thought they weren't doing a big presentation, just a video tribute? Congrats to Milt either way!

If there was on guy who I would want to break George Reed's record, it's him.

...simply amazing...the drive was awesome and Milt is finally the King...

...congrats Milt!....
...congrats Blue Bombers!...
...congrats CFL!....

Yeah, that truly was "The Drive That Milt Built"!

I cant believe they just realized that was a shovel pass… :roll:

milt will have to comeback to winnipeg one day to say some words of the 'new' TD record holder....charles roberts!

You are a class act and always will be!! Congradulations Milt on the record!!!

...LOL...I thought 'geez, to get it on a running play just isn't justice'....shovel pass!....awesome...

Yeah lol, but although it looked like an option, it was clear to me that it was a forward pass

Outstanding Player and an outstanding Person! Huge in the Community!

Good thing that he did in Winnipeg as well

Sweet. Never had anything of mine become a sticky before lol!

Atta boy Milt!

If someone was going to break George Reed's record, I am glad it was a class act like the Turtleman!

WTG Uncle Milty! This is an amazing accomplishment!

(figures it would happen during a game I can’t get here)

Congrats to Milt and the Bombers and their Fans. This is a milestone, and I am sure he will add to the total.
They have now said it was a forward pass, although I am not sure why that is so important. The whole drive was mainly Milt's catches..which made it that more historic.

139 was way better. I was waiting for it :cowboy: