Congrats Mike

I think Mike deserves his own thread for his 500th catch. Congrats Mike. So glad you're still on this team. :smiley:

I agree with you 100%
Way to go Mike!!

This thread may not get as many posts as the one created for Vaughn. But I also think that Morreale's accomplishment deserves its own thread.

And I should also mention that it was only appropriate that he got that reception in a win in which we were reminded of why he is good to have on this team.

MIKE :thup: :smiley:

:thup: Congratulations Mike!

congrats mike on your 500th catch, too bad more then half of them were fumbles....j/k but i am always afraid when he starts to run with the ball :S

WOW Hamilton boy with 500 Grabs of the Pigskin.

Congrats.. Mike

friggn bandwagoners..... it wasnt long ago EVERYONE was calling for Mike to "hang it up" "done like dinner" "past his prime" an NOW everyone is praising him?... well from a fan that NEVER doubted..Congrats Mike!!!

Not EVERYONE. Ask Box-F what I had to say about Morreeale bashers. :smiley:

Congratulations Mike.

500 passing yards and counting!

See you back next year

to add to your totals!

Congratulations Mike!!!!

Congrats for reaching 500. And thanks for staying positive during the rough points of the season.

yes! congrats mike!

he said a few weeks ago that he wants to come back next season. maybe he can add another 50-60 catches to the 500.

Well Done Mike!

Some of us :wink: have been with you the whole way... im proud to wear the #18 in the stands every week :slight_smile:

Congrats Mike!

Way to go! You looked great out there friday night.

I will never forget the 1999 Grey Cup and you won best Canadian. I told a lot of people that you would have an amazing game that day.

:thup: CONGRADULATIONS MIKE ON YOUR 500TH and I hope you are back next year to add to it. A fan always. pat_cat

M.M -should be our starting strongside slot :thup:

Congratulations Mike!!!! Nice to see a hometown boy pull off this feat.

I don't follow your logic. The man has made 500 catches . How could half of them be fumbles?

In case you didn't notice, the purpose of this thread is to send congratulatory messages to Mike Morreale, not to defame him.

Mike has done exceptionally well in his career, and I thank and congratulate him along with MOST of the others on this thread. I hope he isn't ready to pack in his career just yet too.

Congratulations Mike on number 500.