Congrats Lions

Hey Lions fans, not sure if any Cat fans posted this yet, but didn't really bother checking.

Congrats to you guys. I know you guys are ticked about the # of Cat fans coming on here and trash talking, but it's all in fun (well, at least by me). I think the problem was you guys saying how it's easier through the East, and we took offense to that. But no Cat fans or players took this game lightly.

You guys played a great game and deserved to win. Our victory was in our turnaround season.

I think it was clear who the more playoff-experienced team is. Our time will come! :thup: ...But your time is now 8)

Now go out and knock Montreal down a peg. :rockin:

Thanks man! :thup:

Good game by the Cats. They came back hard to get it into OT and it took a great game by Casey Printers for the Lions to come through with the W.

The Cats will only get better and hopefully give Montreal a challenge next season for division supremacy.

You know it! Montreal isn't very good against us and are are lousy in the post season. We'll gladly slap them around!

Good tough game and Casey has proven he belongs here. Can't say enough good things about Geroy Simon. Mike scared the hell out of me dropping back into a prevent defense. What the hell was wrong with sticking with the aggressive style that worked all game? Way to many penalties from experienced players on offense and if thats not fixed the Montreal crowed will kill them. Go Lions Go in Montreal.