congrats Hamilton

from a calgarian great to see Hamilton prevail. hope we see each other in the grey cup.

Not lookin' too good for that right now...

The Stamps keep turning the ball over...

Yup keep your fingers crossed! :smiley:

Congrats to the Tiger Cats and Bob. The investment in Kent Austin, Henry Burris and Andy Fantuz has paid off.
P.S. The Ti-Cats Cheerleaders don't have to take a back seat to anyone either. :wink:

Had great interaction with Ar%o fans after the game. Several made the point of telling me they were rooting for the Cats next week. My brain can't process this. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!!!!!

Way to go Cats!
Been a long time, bring it home!!


I can say for certain that if things happened in reverse I would be rooting for whoever came out of the West!!!

So would I which is why I was rooting for the Stamps in last year's GC too bad they laid an egg - much like they did again today!

I guess we hate them more than they hate us?