ConGrats Gades !!

Way to go Gades for win and tie for first in East.

When will the CFL figure out that the Gades are a fun team to watch.

A##wipes !!! Too many non televised games!!!

All home games are on TSN - games which should be blacked out meanwhile we can't see our team play when on the road.

I couldn't agree more with you MM

Out standing job Renegades, you deserve better support but are going to have to keep it going. Its not like we havnt seen this before, only to have it all come crashing down as quickly as the rise. Keep it up and you will win back the fans.

Way to go Gades, way to stick it to the pu$$y cats.

Exactly! The Renegades have done a great job on the road and that win would have attracted viewers who would be more inclined to attend the next home game. Blacking out our winning streak isn't going to help attendance the way that it should because of the CFL and its idiotic television deal. They should require their broadcaster show every game.

Lonie should be pissed and make sure that doesn't happen next year.

Excellent show Gades... Keep it up please... I'm making arrangements for my Nov trip to Vancouver as I compile this note.

Subject of blackouts... I'm not an expert on tv broadcasting however, TSN and CBC would still be broadcasting the game outside a 100km (or closer) circle around FCS to all those deemed too far for to attend until attendance reaches an acceptable level (i.e. +20k).

So the broadcaster still gets to do what they do, the local fan who would sit at home to watch the game, would now be required to go and watch live and listen to the team1200 on a small radio (like I do) and our attendance rises and everyone on this fourm leaves us Gades fans alone...

heard on the radio this morning that they have sold a little more than 20,000 tickets for the game on thursday, should be a good crowd.

We need more than 20,000!
We should have 23-24,000 after how well they've been doing (and to make up for them not coming out to the previous 3 home games).
Plus we'll have some crazy Sask. fans causing trouble and making noise.
Clemons coming back, maybe Gerald V.- things are getting better on the
injury front!
Get your friends to come out to the game - it will be a great time!

when ottawa beats the riders....and toronto beats montreal...
ottawa will have 4 points over montreal. giving them a good chance to host first round playoffs against montreal.!!!! especially since ottawa still has a few games against hamilton, winnipeg and sask....all the bottom

that's 20,000 as of today, still 3 days left until the game. i'm expecting at least 23,000

( crosses fingers )

Well, I picked up 4 pricey tickets for Thursday. My first game ever, so I figured I should splurge. :slight_smile:

What? Pricey?
Aren’t they all $25 a ticket now?
If that your idea of pricey…

Hey was a fan of a Bottom feeder that started this thread.
Can't wait to the 19th...

Go Bottomer feeders GO !!!! Oops I mean GO bombers go !!!!!

RanekRules, let's not heckle the new fans, okay? :slight_smile: $hit....

No, they were $75 each. 50 yard line, 20 rows up.

I guess if they're all supposed to be $25 I got ripped off.

That's right for the 50 yrd line. If they were $25, we season ticket holders would feel ripped off.

wow for a little over $75 I believe you can sit "inside" and have a nice breastie girl serve beer to you at Canad Inn Stadium...if your into that sort of thing that that, I mean the beer :wink: