Congrats-from a SK fan

I'm happy for you that after 30 years of crap teams, kookoo owners, and worst of all, no team at all, CFL football is back and better than ever in our nation's Capital. Since my team is out, I'm cheering for you guys this playoff season. Go RedBlacks!


Awesome. I admit that I developed a bit of a chip against Saskatchewan from the time the 'Gades died to the whole team-naming and expansion draft processes, but this is a good reminder to not judge an entire fanbase on the actions of a handful. Thanks! :thup:

Same here! Thanks!

..... CFR - I hear you on the name thing but this is it now and we have let it go (Chen can keep the 20 year old RR unis :lol: )

We're HOSTING an Eastern Final In Ottawa and we are proud of our team's work THIS FAR :wink:

Since it came up, here's my take on the name thing.

1.) The historical FACT is that Saskatchewan only started using Roughriders after Ottawa dropped the name (give or take a space and a capital R) for two seasons in the 1920s in favour of calling themselves the Senators. Ottawa then created the problem by changing back.

2.) If a team name is so revered just because it's old, then shouldn't the oldest name in the area be even more desirable? The first documented football team in Ottawa, before even the Rough Riders, was called the Rangers. Look it up. I would have liked that to be the new franchise's name. A connection with local history, but also moving forward in the right direction.

3.) This is where I'll admit my opinion might be unique, but I firmly believe is right: had the reverse happened, Ottawa continuously had a team, but Saskatchewan folded, then got a new franchise, as much as I am admittedly a die-hard Roughrider fan and it would have taken some getting used to, for the good of the league, I would want a new name for the new franchise. It is unacceptable for a nine team league to have two teams with (functionally, again, give or take a space and a capital R) the same name. That's just not how it's done in professional sport in North America. "But what about all the Uniteds in English soccer?" Fine for them, not in North America. Our main competition for viewers and patrons is in North America. "But what about the two Sox in baseball?" Two different cities, in technically two separate leagues, and different colours of sox. "But what about all the Lions and Tigers and Bears (oh my!) etc. in US College football?" There are hundreds of teams, and until comparatively recently, most of the same-named teams rarely, if ever, played each other. And that's college, not pro. The CFL was the butt of too many jokes for too long thanks to the name game. No more. For the improvement of the league's image to a wider audience, for casual/non-fans to take the league seriously, and maybe even be converted into fans, to move forward into a bright future, the league must have completely separate names for all of its current, and possible future teams.