Congrats from a Cat fan

Just want to congratulate the Blue Bombers and their fans, that win was big, can’t let an eastern team get the best of you, and DEFINITELY CANNOT let the Argo’s (ew) get the best of you. The defense played well and the offense was definitely better then it’s been all season. Let’s hope the Cats and Bombers pound the Argo’s to the bottom :slight_smile:
It’s well documented that i’m no fan of Kelly, in fact I hate the guy, but I have to respect the Bombers and their fans. The next time the Bombers and Argo’s face off, (IF they do, i’m not sure if that was the entire series already or not), I definitely would wager that the Big Blue embaress the argo’s by 20+ points. Next Bomber-Cat game should be great, i’m looking forward to it. Good luck through the rest of the season Bomber’s and Bomber fans, may the best team secure a play-off spot :rockin:

The Argo defense is good, it's their offense that's in shambles. But I don't expect them to cough up that many turnovers again, that was just weird.

yea that win was pretty big for the bombers, especially with Montreal and Calgary coming up on the sched.

Stats wise, our offense was better but not by leaps and bounds, stats wise, Bishop was around 50% and was even in TD's and INT's....Edwards DID have 100 yards though, and Bishop WAS over 200, but Reid was held to under 60....

...but when take into consideration that Michael Bishop had about....4 practices to learn the plays and gel with teammates....that's actually pretty impressive. I think it shows that Mike Kelly's offense ISN'T the problem, he just had the wrong arm at QB running it (although I think Lefors could be a project player for the future). I think once Bishop has learned the whole playbook, and Mike Kelly can use the whole thing (as I'm sure Bishop only had time to learn a percentage of it in 4 days) it'll help with the production. I think due to the limited playbook Bishop had to work with it made it easier for Toronto to shut him down a bit in the 2nd half. My guess is Bishop maybe had 20 plays on his arm band...I could be off, but how much can the guy pick up in less than a week?

If Bishop continues to be consistent and gels with his receivers it could spark this offense. Nice to see Bishop going down field, even if he did miss Edwards, defensive coordinators won't look at the miss, they'll be thinking "what if he caught that", and it'll help keep defenses from cheating and playing up on the line of scrimmage.

Defense was solid as usual. Bomber fans, when is the last time we've had a defense force THIS many turnovers at this point in the season? We've had at least 1 or 2 picks in every game, I haven't checked but in Week 5 we've gotta be closing in on our INT numbers from last year. The Bombers aren't a horrible team with no hope. They've got the D, the kicking game, and showing potential at offense. And with the Bombers defense, if the offense puts up 21-28 points a game, MOST of those games will probably be wins.

...FIRST OF ALL ...thanx 15're a good sport...

...a lot of people are forgetting that the Bombers receiving corps is missing a very important cog....that being Franklyn...He was the most consistent receiver at t.c.....and the BigBlue are missing him.....he should be back soon....Another is Bowman who should be able to return next game...these guys represent more targets for Bishop and along with Edwards should loosen up the opposition...Romby Bryant is having a tough year so far....he doesn't seem like the same player after running into Kelly...for lets say 'taking it easy'...or as Kelly said to him....'take the sombrero off'....He could be on the bubble, if his game doesn't pick-up
.......all in all ,this team will become more competitive and better everytime out...and that's the way it should be.. :wink:

That's a really good point about Franklin and Bowman. Especially Bowman because he's got the speed to be a deep threat and the guy is HUGE, he's easily bigger than a good chunk of the CFL DB's that are going to be covering him.

I think Bryant's issue is he's not used to be the #2 guy and all the attention and game planning that teams do against him now. Last year he was the #4 guy, now he's the #2 guy...that means the opposition's better DB's are covering you and they're watching you more closely. He has to learn to adjust and get open anyway like all the top receivers have to do.

bryant might not want to be the guy tho... edwards i think shows me he wants to be the guy to go too. I think he shows that but i think romby doesnt. Romby is a good deep threat... he has speed. i guess he's either being used wrong or not getting open, he did have the drop yesterday.. tough catch but he should have held on. CAN THE GROUND CAUSE FUMBLES THIS YEAR? guess so.. but i think that yes,missing bowman and franklin are hurting this team. Bowman has the wheels, is huge and has the potential to be very good. VERY GOOD. and he's young. Arjei looked like he was ready to make an impact this year, good guy to have when u need that critical first down catch. Looked like thorpe was that guy b4 getting hurt last night.

Bombers have the talent at receiver.. its a matter of getting them all on the same page and healthy.
Bombers Defense gives up ALOT of yards but not alot of points
Serna looks like a new kicker
Renaud looks like he's been listening to bob cameron

This team could be very very good if we just give them a chance.. a wins a win. At the end of the year.. this win right here could be the difference between us finishing 2nd or 3rd or even or even if its a stretch.. first. Montreal looked beatable and were against edmonton, if hamilton could have scored abit more, they would be 2-2 and the cats would be first place.

What a crazy CFL WORLD so far this season.

thanks 15

and i agree blue and gold, bryant is not a number one reciever... i know he had a good year and has big play potential but he is inconsitent and seems to lack that fire...and now going against better dbs hasnt helped him either.. once bowman and franklin are back i think romby will excell a bit more.. there will be less pressure on him to make the big plays and more weapons to utilize.

i hope romby can get it together cuz when bowman is healthy looks like he'l be the number 2 guy to edwards, big guy will help bishop a lot too. and with franklin back we'l have two solid canadian that can start. and when ever thorpe finally gets used to the cfl and learns the game he may be pushing romby for his job... considering thorpe is a speedster that can be a huge deep threat and is most likely cheaper than bryant. im not worried about this group tho i think once their healthy this will be a strong unitt.