Congrats Esks.


Eskimos deserved the win. Well done and good luck against the Stamps. :rockin:
My Riders fought hard but we missed our leader QB.
The sun Rises again. :rockin: 8)

Thanks, Turkey. And better luck next year. Unfortunately, you guys caught a bad break late in the season with Durant.

Thanks Turkey but you know our offence wasn't even trying this game, we're saving our selves for next week . I think the strategy is to lull the Stamps into a false sense of security, then pounce on them when they least expect it. :wink: good try Riders . See you next year enjoy your winter. :wink:

Well that sucked but not unexpected. Actually surprised it stayed as close as it was. Congrats to the Esks but gotta cheer Roughriders East (TiCats) now.

I'm not sure if this was discussed, or where it was discussed. But the reffing was atrocious in the WSF.

Now, that doesn't mean the refs cost the Riders the game, because the refs didn't. The reason my all-time favourite team lost is because Edmonton was better, clearly.

But the reffing was just awful. How many offsides on both teams did they miss? Holding on both teams, illegal blocking from both teams. It was awful. Gawdawful. I'm not sure which game had worse reffing, the Esks/Riders game last week in Saskatchewan or this WSF. Either way, geez.

The Eskimos were still the better team by far in the playoffs. So yes, they earned WSF win and I hope they beat Calgary (and then lose to Hamilton).

Anyways, Go Riders! The road to the 2015 Grey Cup 103 begins today.

Congrats to Edmonton. I still think they are the team to beat. Hopefully Reilly gets healthy and they take care of business in Calgary next week.

A healthy Reilly is needed; if they have to use Nichols against the Stamps, I think they'll lose.


It is easy as a fan to accept a loss when the other team outplays your team. The Eskimos were the better team yesterday. They deserve to go on. Refs missed some calls but did not, in my opinion, change the out come of the game.
B.C. Lions fans, even more so, must admit the better team won hands down yesterday, disappointing as that may be for them to admit. Montreal and Edmonton deserve to move on. Hopefully we get two good conference finals and an exciting Grey Cup. Best wishes to Vancouver on hosting this year.
Riders will Return
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!