Congrats esks!


lol well they dominated the 1st half so it's not like they don't deserve the win...
Let's face it : the defence didn't show up and the offence was average..

Thank you Poor Sport Stewie. :wink:

Montreal apologies for its classless fans

I would like to apologize as well.

The truth is Edmonton was hungry for the win and Ricky Ray showed great leadership. He pretty much took my Als' defense to school. The Eskimos deserved that win all the way last night.

Good game guys and congrats to Ricky Ray for becoming the Eskimos' all-time leading passer. He is, imo, the toughest QB in the CFL and a class act all the way.

See you up on the hill next week! 8)

You guys don't have to apologize :wink: There's at least a couple of classless fans for each team respresented on these boards, it's bound to happen to everyone.

If Montreal should appologise for anything, is the Als appologising to the Esk fans who bought tickets to last night's game... They were expecting a game, not much of one last night, at Commonwealth.

For the sake of the fans, I hope this doesn’t help keep Maciocia around longer…

coughlarrysmilescough... You're right, though. Every team has at least one...

Good game last night. Edmonton definitely needed that. And I agree with you, Macavity. I'm still not convinced he should stick around as coach...

Maybe Danny Maccocia will call a new conference to announce the club is parting ways with Danny Maccocia the coach?

[b][i]"It was a very difficult decision but we the club felt it in our best interests to go another way, we wish Danny all the best in his future endeavors"

"In the meantime I am appointing myself the interim head coach while we search for a suitable replacement..." - Danny Maccocia[/i][/b]

I can visualize it in my head now... :wink:

Nice cartoon Dust! Last and next to last looks pretty good on these two teams. I hope the Riders get 60 points and then settle down in the second half.


I just read an interesting article on the homepage that said Danny and Jacques could be targets. I hope the both of them get the boot!

Me being a BC fan an all , it don’t hurt my feelings at all for the Chap to be under the gun . Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.