Congrats Esks...and Malveux has to go

Just wanted to say Congratulations to the Eskimos for a great game...But as an Alouettes fan for many years the problem the Als have is NOT Calvillo but our secondary....Kelly Malveux is constantly missing his tackles and his coverage...well to be nice is not very good at all....So please e1 don't blame Calvillo...he did what he had to do....just came up a little short...thanks all for a great season :slight_smile:

How could Calvillo be the problemo? He just got outplayed by a 26 year old... :smiley:

Callivo is not the problem. He put 35 points on the board.
The defence played great in the first half but could not hold the eskies in the 2nd

You can't blame any one individual for the loss. The Eskimos just found a way to hold up the rush at the end of the game, leaving the Montreal DBs on an island. Even then, the coverages weren't that bad. It took near perfect throws from Ray to complete the passes. When you have 7 or eight rushing, and the other team is able to throw corner routes, then you tip your hat to the O-line and QB and say good job.