I agree Argo...I thought they got rid of that. But I haven't lived there is so long that if they still do it, could be just a couple grand...minimal... 8)

it was 10 or eleven years ago i think when i went to that labour day return game. yeah, it was jam packed. i cant wait for this game. the west is so awesome tis year(except for the stamps crappy record)

Edmonton seems like a bit of an enigma to me, and I spent the first 20 years of my life there. How that team can draw that many fans when much larger cities are lucky to get half that many on a good day is just a mystery to me. Is it just that the stadium atmosphere is THAT good that droves of people want to be there, or is Edmonton a totally unique city in Canada that it is apparently a true sports town? It's not as if there isn't other things to do there. It's a pretty vibrant place AFAIK.

I sadly won't be one of them...

they're going to get demolished.

I really hope it's not the case but if they can't beat the Esks at home, they won't in Edmonton... :frowning:

This Rider fan is making the trek to count myself in.

Tickets in Edmonton are easier to come by than tickets in Regina.

Rider Nation -- we're gonna sell out our park, and then come to yours and sell it out too ...

"Edmonton city of champions", hey the 1980's called......they want that saying back. It's like the dodo. It's long dead!

The back to school coupons ARE being used for this game. If I recall, the coupon gives you one free youth ticket WITH the purchase of an adult ticket. Should be a great atmosphere! I can't wait!

Maybe it was a long time ago but at least we had a Championship Team, I can remember at least 5 times we were HAHA

Gee let's see how Edmonton compares with Vancouver. Eskimos 13 Grey Cups, Lions 5, Oilers 5 Stanley Cups, Canucks 0.

Maybe you should have a history before you diss somebody elses.

Edmonton takes its sports seriously and is as close as it gets up here to the types of sports markets found in the US. Regina would also be such a market, but the size of the market is the issue there.

Well the current total today as of noon hour is 49,000 seats have been sold.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

they will probably be about a 10k walk- up crowd so I can see this happening. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

People in Vancouver don't live in the past and are not full of them selves, which was my point. I think one's team record is only for for 10 years. Lions are tied with EE for Grey Cups and I say the Canucks win the next one before the Oilers.

I do think the EE games have been very entertaining at the end. But that's about it.

I wouldn't be so sure of yourself I have lived in Edmonton and have Lived in Vancouver since 1980, and people here are full of themselves. not sure why that is but it started happening around the early 90's I think after Expo, Vancouver became a big City and with that came this big city attitude Sorry but If you have ever gone to a city like Edmonton, Winnipeg, People seem to be more Genuine and more Humble .
High House prices , High cost of Living , Lots of Taxes ,Could be a factor .

Well, as cfleskfan pointed out, it's kind of hard to live in the past when you don't actually have one... At least the Oilers made it to the Stanley Cup in 2006. What have the Canucks been doing? They haven't made it past the second round since the mid-90's. :wink:

Vancouver is a beautiful City!..

just not the greatest Sports city.

sports is all about the past... remembering the past... honering the past... old jersies, old players, records... old anouncers... i hate that edmonton's past rox more then calgary. but that is the nature of the beast. in 15 years, people will look back in talk about the wally years constantly. BC is just building there past right now... in the present.

Now, THAT is funny!

well, even if edmonton is not the home team, they will all be wearing green, not like when the stamps are the away team when they play sask. in calgary,

It looks like the latest count expected isa minimum 55,000.

[url=] ... 6-sun.html[/url]

Can anyone locally update us what the weather is like and is the recent warm spell expected for game time?