After that great game today, it will be another barn burner on Saturday.
Boy I wish I was there in the real City of Champions.
I read how already 46,000 seats have been sold and they expect a sellout in excess of 60,000 and possibly a new regular season record.
Congrats Edmonton, with a slight help from Saskatchewan fans.

i hope edmonton is still the home team

That would be something if they hit that mark, great game to watch today no question.

i was at a calgary edmonton game a long time ago... the labour day return... and there was over 60, 000 there. and it was the best game i ever attended. that includes the grey cup i went to. commonwelth is my favorite place to watch a game.

Were you ever at the Calgary/Edmonton labour day game

i have been to several of ther labour day games. but i wish i woulda went to this years, the biggest ever.

I've never been to commonwealth, but from the pictures I've seen it always looks as if the upperdeck corner seats are a mile away from the field. Does it seem closer when you are there? How much does the track affect things?

Wow! Leave it to this great sports market to show once again, to the rest of the league (especially the larger markets) just how it's done. (with equal props going out to the great Rider Nation which help boost attendance at every stadium in Canada)! That will be one hell of an atmosphere. I hope TSN does a much better job hyping the attendance numbers up than CBC did for previous large crowds at Commonwealth involving the Riders and Esks.

Great to see that kind of fan support. Good on the fans in Edmonton as well as all the fans making the trip from Saskatchewan. Should be a great game again.

Yes, it would be good to see this! Just like the old days.....

Hope the rematch is as exciting as yesterdays. Wow.
Wish I could be there.

I believe that the Esks are using this as the back-to-school cheap/free tickets game, so take the 60,000 with a grain of salt. It is still great attendance, but not an "honest" 60,000. Traditionally, they had this promotion on the LD rematch. A couple of years ago, they but stopped doing the promotion for the LD rematch and moved it further into September.

IMO it is a good idea to try to get as many EE fans in the stadium as possible to preserve home field advantage.

As far as upper deck seats, my only experience with the upper deck is when I sat in the last row for the 1984 Grey Cup. If I recall correctly, those are very cold seats... but then again, the whole stadium was pretty cold.

I sit about the 35 yard line on the west side (the Eskimos bench side) half way up in the second deck and have so for three seasons now and I will never give up those seats. You can see everything. I have sat down low prior to me ownig season tickets and I really didn't find the track made the game seem further away.

This is the game they use the back to school vouchers. Sure it won't be a "honest" 60,000 BUT with the way attendence has been here in Edmonton it will be welcomed regardless.

I think I was at that game that year...about 10 years ago? I remember they had sold all there tickets and Hugh Campbell said that they were just taking $10 a person after that...funny..."find a seat, if you can, and enjoy it!". They figured they had 64,000 packed into that park that was so cool.

Great question...the upper deck is quite steep...on tv it looks far away but when your there, it's far different.

It's not as cozy as most of the smaller old parks but the whole experience...bands on the huge concourse, lots of room to congregate, smell of cut grass...the track, you get over rather quickly.

I have been there once and so far the best CFL experience of them all.

Let's give credit where credit's due, shall we? The back-to-school promotion has handed out at the most, 5,000 tix to the squirts historically...assuming one third of them have a parent accompanying them, that's 3,000 payed-for tix. This game was gonna get 45,000 anyway...tack on 10,000 grangrenous Rider fans and there you have it...sell out. So why take it with a grain of salt? It's very impressive...and as far as other CFL teams are concerned, enviable.

This usually is the biggest game of the season, attendance-wise. Back in 2005, there were 53,216 fans in the stands. In 2007, there were 46,704 and 40,127. In 2008, there were 48,808.

So I wouldn't be surprised if the rumours are true and attendance tops 50,000.

I may be corrected on this, however I recall reading and will try to find the thread outlining how the club is no longer giving away such vast back to school freebies. These were only for the return Labour Day game with Calgary.