Congrats Daman Allen!!!

First off Congratulations to Daman Allen for the the all-time pro passing record.

I said it last fall when Hamilton traded for Maas and let D-Mac go. It's a bad deal, Jason Maas is a second string QB at best and D-Mac is a proven winner. Maas was great in Edmonton last year because he backed up Ricky Ray, I'm sure this year if he had backed up a QB like D-Mac he would be just as good coming off the bench. Danny Mac, would have had a good year if he was a cat with the talent this year in recievers and in the backfield and Danny's quick release and long ball accuracy. This team needs a leader at QB I honestly don't believe Jason is that leader, maybe if we had Casey Printers or a QB of that calibre and Jason Maas at backup it might be a different story.

It's going to be another long year before the 2007 season starts, wait I said that about 2006,05,04,03,02,01,00 oh well great memories of 1999!! Cats try and at least score a TD next game, lets not let the Argos beat us by 40 points again.

Agree on Daemon Allen :smiley:

The former Ti-Cat deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.... but I don't see the damn Yankees looking at any record from the Canadian Games to make it there :frowning: