Congrats cats

I want to say how nice it was to see the cats defence hold Edmonton, so the offence could come back, and win. There were a few mishaps, but they did correct some things and that made the difference. They racked up over 500 yards of offence and held the other team under 300. To me that is a feat in itself compared to other games. They also had better field position then in other games. So all in all, they deserved to win. They earned it , and did it at home . I think this shows that this team came to play, have been working on stuff to make themselves better. I feel they have a team that could win it all , and it was nice to see the fans get behind them . It was a nice effort to come back and win.

I Agree 100% on your post. Im following from Florida and catch most CFL games. Im still dealing with the motion thing with the receivers and of course your parking lot end zones, despite being a long suffering Bills fan. Cats probs this season IMO have been closing games out…specifically the TD to Passing Yds ratio, especially with those large end zones. Masoli is 2nd in total yards but has only 9 (I think) TD’s.