Just keep on clawing Cats!

Welcome back to Ottawa.

congrats to the cats...I had my doubts at time....glad they proved me wrong....

Totally agree, Congratulations Tiger-Cats, that game showed a lot of doubters in the media especially in Toronto and across Canada who heavily favoured the Argos and Ricky Ray to win that they were WRONG, what the TSN Panel was WRONG, of course they were again.

This Win by the Tiger-Cats today took a lot of character and games like this are won by Champions and how fitting with Tony Champion at the game to see his Tiger-Cats beat the rival from down the QEW in the Argos!

Great team victory coach Austin, all the coaches and great team victory. When everyone said we were dead we were just born to fight!!

Get ready for the next fight in Ottawa next Sunday!!


Congratualations Ti-Cats !!!! :thup:

What Big Cat said...... :cowboy:

CONGRATS CATS, Enjoy this win as long as we can, because it will be our last one for this year. We are just a shadow of
what we were at the beinging of the year. I'm happy just beating the Argos this year. :thup:

Thank you sir!!!

Really?? Just enjoy the win! Can’t wait for the revenge in Ottawa next week! Oskee wee wee :rockin:

Well-said!! :thup: :thup: This team with it’s playoff experience knows how to dig deep and keep fighting and they showed it today in this game! :rockin: :rockin: