Congrats Calgary

You guys played a great game last night.

Your defense sure put the heat on Buck Pierce.(4 or 5 sacks?) Too many QB sacks no matter what the final count was! Don't know who deserves the credit, DC Jone's plan, or the players who executed it.

BC's defense couldn't tackle last night. Too many times Burris and Reynolds should have been stopped in the backfield only to break tackles and get large gains. Other than Johnson's interception, your offensive line pretty much handled our D-line.

Full marks for the win Stamps.

Looking forward to the re-match.

....Chris Jones gets full credit for the D, but it cam at a cost and tackling Joe Tank, er I mean Smith, is going to be tough again this year...3 LB injuries to finish the night, with Rasheed out 6 to 8 weeks....ouch...

...I'm sure that isn't the BC squad you will see next week Sporty, I'll bet wally is going to have a humdinger of a practice week set up to answer for that outing, maybe even behind closed doors :lol: ....

Besides sporty those riders will need a whipping.

You guys have alot to look forward to. I was impressed with the way your team was prepared to play their first game. Burris looks bigger and just as focused as he was last year. Rematch will be a must-see event. You guys couldnt have asked for a better start.

Thanks I read in the paper they had a mission to beat the top team in the CFL for Anthony. And they succeeded. I thought Calgary was well prepared for this game. Unlike last year it seemed they came in and whoops we didn't plan for them to do that. Your right the next game should be a must see.

We are number one

Just like the grass is greener on the otherside

HE HE :slight_smile: