congrats boys in red

you showed how to play the game.
running all over my home team this week.
hope we can return the favor next friday night.
again congrats stamps for putting on a great show.

It was fun to watch, 2 explosive offenses when their on. I'm looking forward to rematch as well.

Thanks maybe you should get them to hand out Brett Ralph pictures to the Bomber defense. They seemed to forget about him today.
Bretts Mom!

ralph did get open alot. and it was nice to see both offences fire at will in the second half. to bad my team seem to beat themselves up to much. congrats to the stamps on a well earned win.

Thanks mad your comments are appreciated.

I think that there was plenty of beating themselves up on both sides. Calgary had something like 21 penalties for 150 yards. 7 combined turnovers in the game. Burris and the Stamps were the better team yesterday.

RW05 - No sign of rust on Burris' shoulder, was there? Although he did not take of running, nor did he play the 3rd down gamble. I guess the coaching staff want to be a little cautions yet. Can't say I blame them.

yes, that is true and I would bet that Sankey gets the call next game. Not because Hank can not do it but I think they want the players to rally around Sankey for the next game.

red i give credit where credit it due. evne though i am pissed my team lost the stamps seemed to go endzone every drive in the second half and thats a hard thing to do. and wel we all know we would get the same respect from you if that was my team doing it.

You bet and I have made sure after each of your wins for your team I congratulated them. Check you will see for yourself. The problem Mad and there are only a few for the bombers. Fans that do not like to hear only what they want to hear. The rider fans are far worse with probably twice as many. If you team stinks no big deal it happens. But to have someone sign up just to take a shot at someones opinion is pathetic at best. Like I said there are very few with the bombers but they are there. I commend you for your comments and yes you shold be pissed. But you know I have heard all season long the the bombers are firing in every phase of the game. Well we know that can come to end very easily. Can your team rebound you bet but they sure need to pick up their game. Oh by the way get some pictures of Ralph and post it so the Bombers know who this guy is, He really did a number on your defense this time around.

lol well said red. i know i freak out on forums abit but only on guys like rlr and jetsin07. i try to contain myself but it can get hard when a team as set as the blue fail to win. i know you are probably one of the best spoken members of this forum. i sure hope my team can rebound if not TO will be on top very soon. and i agree ralph got open ALOT on sunday, but we again playing with our injury prone secondary i was kinda sad to see bolden go down and davin bush get lit up. good luck friday

Good for you guys. Nice to see you havent packed it in . After that Lions game I went to I thought you might have to put the horse down and send him to the glue factory. Good for you winning one at home.

Horse is fine, but did need oxygen after last game.

Very tired from running up and down the field.