Congrats Bombers

Hope you have a better Monday following the cup than we've had the last couple years. That is 1 scary D going on over there. If I'm Taman, my search for Head coach has to include your D- Co-ordinator. Offense also played well, even though scoreboard may not show it, but time of possession sure did. Good luck next week.

Maybe now CATS WILL FIRE MARCEL Thanks .

Congrats on the win…

I’ll be cheering for Edmonton or BC…

Thanks fellows that was just a ground and pound game, conditions were just so bad for passing that whoever could run it and control the clock was going to come out on top.


NO.2- The best defence I've seen in a long time !

NO.3- Garret.

NO.4- Gee, that Pierce guy can run !

NO.5- The wind.

Just some reasons I thought the Bombers won.

From a Alouettes fan GO BOMBERS!! I work with a girl who actually babysat Corey Watson as a little boy and still babysits his brothers and sisters, and is very close to his family. So I told her, when the Grey Cup comes to his home, and the party gets started, even though i wont know anyone i still wanna be there and maybe have a chance to sip from the cup! :rockin:

PS: I also cant stand Wally Buono, ya ya he brought a team from a 0-5 start to the Grey Cup blah blah I still dont like him :stuck_out_tongue:

......What a great way to close out the ol stadium....The hammer met a WALL and the wall won...What can you say about Garrett....I knew it was a mistake when we let him go ..AND to think the rest of the clubs were one phone call away from bringing him in :lol: Guess they were sleeping at the switch...The guy was a huge difference maker and will continue to be for this club...As for the shennigans with TJ....didn't seem to make a heckuva lot of dif....except maybe he's lost a lot of credibility...Why doesn't Vegas name come up more....This guy is a keeper and a great find by Mack...Look for his name to be very prominent with this team for a long time... :thup: ...All in all a great win...Looking forward to the Cup...We'll give Wally a good run :wink: :rockin: GoBombers

...I see Onknight your prediction of a Bomber win was right on.... :stuck_out_tongue: ...The Cats can't beat the Bombers with Glenn OR Porter at the helm...They're a hapless bunch and the Bombers exposed them for what they are right down to the coaching staff....May i say changes in the hammer are necessary....Looks like B.C. is up next..... So I'll add....DON'T put any money on Wally :wink: :lol: :rockin:

......and please can you tell some of your fellow friends over on the cat forum to get the sour taste out of their mouth....I can hear the whining from here :wink: :lol:

Congrats Blue, a well deserved victory.I must say the support I saw from the Bomber faithful while watching from home was nothing short of amazing.For the rest of the season, i'm a Bombers fan.GO BLUE, BC SUCKS! :rockin:


.........Thanx 15're the man :thup: :thup:

Congrats to all the true blue bomber fans out there (those of you that have chosen the high road lol)

No excuses, you guys kicked our ass and the score flattered us. Despite what some of you may think, our team is comprised of some pretty damn good cut the guys some slack. You guys were definitely the better team sunday though...I felt after we let you guys get away with one in the season opener, robbed our selves of the win in the second game and had a stinker in the final game against you guys that finally we would show that we were indeed the superior team but that didn't happen. Your bombers showed us exactly how far you have came, congrats on the turn around! Hopefully we iron out the kinks and battle you guys for the east title, see you next year!

Thanks cooler, you guys do have some very good talent on that team. The Bomber defence is just very fast, they have great team speed and match up well man on man.

Nice avi btw champions :thup:

Cheers 15 and cooler :thup: you guys have a talented team there, find some consistency and you could be a force to be reckoned with

Hamilton do have a very good team! A coaching change may be forthcoming and Kevin Glenn isn’t the answer except as
a viable backup.
I’am proud of my bombers and what they’ve accomplished so far. They WILL be in tough on Sunday and thank you to the
ti-cat fans who showed up on our forum showing good sportsmanship.