Congrats. Bombers!

It may have come at the hands of the winless Ti-Cats, but Kevin Glenn looked impressive as did the entire Bomber D. Congratulations to the Bombers and I’d like to “thank” them for making me go 2-2 in the V.G.C.C. intead of 3-1 for the week :x

It's not to late to start picking the Bombers some more. :smiley:

We'll see :wink:

Glenn's your man..Just gotta keep him from getting injured.. while I didnt see the game, from what i heard he had a very good game as did Roberts... Too bad for The Cats there season continues to spiral downward, Excellent organization and fan base they deserve better.

Way to go Bombers!!!!!!
I went 4-0 again in BigDaves VGCC and I'm now tied for1rst place!

GREAT GAME for the BigBlue.....gotta keep it going....look for Ham to start a mini-airlift of NFL. cuts.... :arrow:

BOMBERS! This is what I want to see come the rest of the whole season. Everybody working together and if we can keep this up the rest of the season, boy will we be a contender. GO BOMBERS!