Congrats BigDave

We have a new member of the Mod Squad.......BigDave
Congrats Bigdave

Welcome BigDave! Your clothing allowance kicks in after your three month probationary period.....don't let Red show you his codpiece - it isn't pretty.....

Congrats BigDave. You were rightfully elected by all of your peers. [read: carefully cherry-picked by the Regime of power-driven G.I. Mods.]

........welcome aboard sucker..........your first assignment is to organize the Kanga-Kucha dossier.........see you in about two months.........

why is there so many mods? this really needed?...if your gonna bring in a new mod, u should vote out the most useless mod....i know who i'd vote out.

Your suggestion comes way too late. Hellothere has not been a mod for months...

........I say we try to eliminate useless posters first.......

If there is 1 mod or 50, What does it change?

Congrats Big Dave. Don't let Red pawn off the Kanga dossier on you, he is suppose to do that for repeated codpiece (I stil don't know why you thought it was funny to wear a clear codpiece) and whip cream offences. He is also the representative to have sit-down talk with Kanga when he shows up in 2010, so make sure he doesn't pawn that off on you too.

Weren't you the newest mod before Dave?
You didnt exactly finish the job did you?

a company doesnt have 20 different presidents.....if it was really needed, i'd be all for it...but its not.....3-4 mods is all thats needed....seems half the people here are mods.

......we are shooting for at least one mod for each team........

Again what does it change as far as you are concerned?
If you want to be technical about it. CFLpm is the prez. The mod are Vice-prez and companies have many of them!

no, 1313.....geo was the newest mod before Dave.....he's the slacker you're looking for....

I was never given the Kanga dossier, I think since jm02 has built up quite the repore with him, she was originally suppose to do it.

ro gets so upset cuz being a mod is all he has to live for..hahahaha

nomatter how crappy his day is, he can sleep well knowing hes one of 15 mods

No no no.....that was supposed to be Red's department. I took care of complaints. Don't pawn that stuff off on me, roughy.....

I think roughy and geo were promoted at the same time!

Roughy was a mod before me, I think, and I've been one since about August.....

No I've been a mod for quite some time now. I think I got it a week or two after the mod positions were given out.