Congrats BC

Congrats BC!

This was a proper finish to your season. It certainly started off looking like it could be a dismal one, but Lulay and company turned things around dramatically. So hats off to Wally Buono and all of you and see you next season! BC Place looks great!

I am reposting what I posted in the BC Lions forum. This was the finish BC were looking for in this turn-around season. Lulay was the catalyst that engineered this remarkable season.

So, it’s rebuilding time in Montreal and we may well be without our OC. I suspect there will be other major changes as well. For me, the biggest change would be AC’s role within the organization. If he comes back, I think that he should not be the de facto starter; he should at the very least share that role with AD. I believe that the Als now have to rebuild the O around AD and the skills he brings. The boys have played with AC for years, so should he be inserted into a game, they would know what to do. That now means, however, that the blocking schemes have to be perfect, given his limited mobility to move the pocket. Another interesting possibility would be for AC to return as a coach should/in the eventuality that Milanovich actually does move to TO.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’m sure we will have much to discuss this off-season. One last point. While most of us are disappointed with the Als’ performance this season, let us be thankful for the great run we had. The bubble had to burst at some point, but all is not lost. We still have the league’s best rusher and pass receiver. We have a great receving corps, AD with a cannon for an arm. The D, with the return of players off the IRL. To be sure, STs and the D will need some tweaking, as well as some tweaking on O, but we will be competitive again in 2012!

Grey Cup was freakin' awesome. My second favorite team of the year won. Yay Lions!