Congrats BC Lions

I havent post lately, due to personnal reason, but i want to take 2 minutes to congrats the Lions and their fans. As an Als fans i sweared a lot last evening. But the Lions fully deserved that win. The better team won.

Also good show by the fans in Winnipeg and the BB organisation !

As a Lion's fan, I thank you for that. All the best to you.

Congratulations to the Lions. You deserved this Cup without a shadow of a doubt. My Als tried, but were simply outclassed. Actually, this loss doesn't sting nearly as much as last year's to Edmonton, because we never had a chance to win this game. And I'm glad for old man Ritchie that he won a Cup in Winnipeg! :slight_smile:

...The best team won ...Congratulations to the Lions and all of their fans... :thup: