Congrats Als

You guys definitely deserved the win. Coaches for the Als did an awesome job of preparing for this game.

Hey riderfan23 your team also did a good job preparing for this game as well. Both teams played an entertaining game. So head up riderfan23.

Particularly Burke as defensive coordinator. . . and Etcheverry did a great job as well for your defence I thought. Your defence is not as powerful as it was last season, the replacements for Chick and Baggs are not nearly as good as those two, and yet you got great pressure on AC, particularly in the first half, and you held the defending Cup champs to 21 points. . . that's a creditable result.

So to me, in terms of game balls for coaches, Etcheverry and Burke deserve them.

I'd give another one to Trestman / Milanovich for figuring out how to attack Etcheverry's defense in the second half. But definitely props to both DCs for their scheming.

My congrats to the Als also. If there is any team in this league that softens the blow of losing to, it’s the Als. Class organization with first class fans and support.