Congrats Als

Some game that. You guys persevered and deserve to be champions. You fought back from a large defecit and put yourselves in the position to win at the end. You're a class organization and conduct your affairs in a professional manner. Great season Als and we'll maybe see you in a re-match next year.

Hail, hail!

Congrats Als, you did what you had to do!! Enjoy your win!!

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

As an Als fan, I'm just going to savor the moment. But it was an unreal game, hard fought to the final play with no exaggeration. That is one tough Rider team. :thup: :thup:

Congrats Als. Great game.. I knew conceeding that point was going to come back to haunt us..:frowning:

Thanks Rider fans...and for what it's worth, your team played one hell of a game. I never thought the game was going to be close but your whole team showed me that they can play.

The humility and class shown from the Saskatchewan team and their fans after such a heartbreaking loss has made them my 2nd favorite in the CFL. :thup:

Congrats, Alouettes, and Als fans. You played better, especially in the 2nd half, and showed the resolve and determination of champions. The better team did win.

Well deserved win and championship after a brilliant season.

If my Riders can't be the champs, its tough to do better than to see Calvillo and Cahoon hoist the cup. Classy guys, classy organization, and a great boost for CFL football east of the prairies.

Here's to a rematch next season.

This post seems a little short so I'll add my congrats to the Als and their fans, too. Enjoy.

Yes short...too short
I'd like to congratulate everyone who congratulated the Alouettes and their fans
It was a classy move from some REALLY classy people.
It wasn't easy, but you pulled it off in the last few seconds.
Well done!