Congrats Als - Wow!!!!!!!

:rockin: An impressive win - wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just blew the Lions out of the stadium. I cannot recall a blow out as bad in a long, long, long time. Great team effort. Quebec has not only great fans but the amateur football programs may be the best in Canada right now!! Tough loss Lions- you did well to get there. Casey 1-4 as a starter which I suppose will start the qb controversy all over again in Vancouver! :cowboy:

when was the last time there was not a QB controversy in bc?

Maybe Flutie back in the late 80s early 90s.

1998 I think...

The BC Lions will stick with Printers for years to come - he will be "THE" qb - no controversy.
Everyone know printers had talent, but alas there are some players that only certain coaches can draw that skill out. Printers is one of those guys. In BC he will flourish and rather then a multi year rebuilding they are just a few players away from being a contender again. Give Printers a full year at the helm and he will put up impressive stats. The real controversy is why they waited to long to resign him?

Anyway good game and effort and definitely building blocks for next season.

Full credit to the Alouettes; the Saskatchewan win makes the Grey Cup in Calgary a neutral site game.
You have to think that the Als are due the way they destroyed B.C.

No disrespect to Casey but his record with the Lions this season as a starter is 1-4 with the win coming in overtime!!
Some Lions fans might not accept that record as being one they want their starting quarterback to have. What was Buck Pierce's win - loss record this season as a starter or Jarious Jackson?? It is an interesting question though I agree with the earlier poster who said Printers will likely come into camp as # 1 .

If you watched those games, you would know that it wasn't a poor performance on his part that cost us those games.
You MAY argue today he could have done more, but not the others.

Congrats to the Al's, you left no doubt at all that you belong in the Grey Cup game (if there was any to begin with).

It should be an interesting off season in BC, they have one of the most talented defenses in the CFL yet they seemed to under achieve all year. I wonder if Benevides will be back.

Wow, you're in for a shock if you really think that....

Does not matter Als crushed the Riders at Mosaic this year. By the end of the game the Riders were turning tricks :slight_smile:

Yeah, but now the Rider fans have a bigger stadium to fill.