Congrats Als and Esks

Congratulations to the winning teams. Als got it done coming back from 14 down. Turnovers again decided another CFL game. The Lions made a valiant comeback but you have to tip your hat to Jason Maas. Whether you like edmonton or not, his heroics the last two weeks are a special story. I would have liked to see interference on the last play called , just to make an exciting finish however. Questions coming out of both games:

  1. Will Maas, Ray, Dickenson and Printers all be on different teams next year?
  2. Will Damon Allen retire???
  3. Should Edmonton have given up the safety towards the end of the game?
  4. Who will start for Edmonton in the Grey Cup??? Who should start??
  5. Is Wallyball over in Vancouver??
  6. Will the Grey Cup be fairly quiet in Vancouver due to the Lions being ousted????

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Great games all around, congrats to both teams (GO ALS!!!!!!!)

looking forwand to seeing the 2005GC and a Sask/Wg playoff game next season.

Great questions Turkeybend. Here are my views on each ones.

  1. Two of them should change addresses. In BC, I would keep Dickenson and trade Printers. Casey is looking for the first plane south anyways. In Edmonton, I would keep Ray. It seems like Maas already has one foot out the door. Good for him. He shouldn't be forced to stay in a team that benches him everytime he's heroic.

Ray is a very talented QB and will only get better with time. Don't you guys forget: he's only 26 years old. Doesn't anyone remember what Anthony Calvillo looked like when he was 26 ?He was the crappy QB that everyone booed in Hamilton. At 26, he started learning from Tracy Ham and he is now a future Hall of Famer. Don't panic over Ray's recent mistakes.

  1. I would have thought so, but it seems Damon really wants that all-time passing record. I wouldn't be surprise to see him hang around for a 22nd season just for that.

  2. Can't say. I missed that game because I was riding home from Toronto. I don't like missing a CFL playoff game, but yesterday, it was worth it.

  3. If the Maas deal to Hamilton is for real, Macciocia will start Ray. Because, should they win the Cup, the Esks would look pretty bad trading off the winning QB (and potentially MVP). If that deal isn't true, they should start Maas.

  4. And just, who would be better that Wally in Vancouver. Buono just need to work on getting better o-linemen this winter.

  5. How can this be question #7? Where was question #6? Anyways, it's obvious to me the GC game would have been loud as hell had the Lions made it there. The game can still be a success, but the players' ears won't bleed because of the noise.

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