Congrats Alouettes

... congrats on your championship.

Yes the Als deserved the win this year. No arguements about it this time. The better team won.

Great game indeed. Not a classic, "just" a great game! :thup:

Congrats to the Als, the better team won today. I thought we'd see more points scored, as was reflective of both regular season meetings, but they can't all be classics.

Montreal is a class organization, the one thing that takes the sting out just a little bit.

It was a great game - the Rider defense was on the ball - unfortunatley so was the Al's offence which was 1 notch better and that's all it took

Great game and Grats to all the real Al's and CFL fans for a great Grey Cup.

Yes a great game, not the usual classic.
Congrats to the Als adn you would have to say this team is a dynasty over the last ten years.

Congratulations to the Riders for another crazy-intense game. Trestman said several times in the postgame that the Riders bring out the best in the Alouettes. This is what championship football should look like -- hard, smash mouth, both teams leaving everything on the field. Respect. :thup:

Also, let me offer Rider fans some insight as an Als fan who knows very, very well what it's like when his team loses multiple big games:

Chin up. Where you guys are now is where we were a few years ago. We lost in 2003, and had back to back losses in 05 and 06. The main thing to be positive about is the core. You guys have a tremendous football team and I know I won't be surprised to see a Grey Cup in Sask's immediate future. The Als are proof that it doesn't matter how many times you lose, as long as down the road, you find a way to win.

Congrats to the Als. They were the better team today and seeing AC win has made the last couple of Grey Cup losses easier to take. He is a great QB and classy guy.
Rider fans can look forward to the future with Durant at the helm. When your leader wants to win as badly as he does your team is in good hands.

It was a fun game. I had a blast (mostly because of some non-game related stuff lol). Congrats to the Als. They won a good defensive game. DD was dumb for throwing the pass... oy. This is why I won't believe he can join the elite QBs. He needs to get the turnovers down. Anyway, congrats to the Als. Duval didn't screw up this win like he did last year (though he did miss two kicks; frickin choker).

Duval certainly tried. He had a few bad punts (one led to the late Rider TD after they started on the Al's 30), a kickoff out of bounds for instant field position, and 2 field goal misses well within his range. Probably the worst Al player for the 2nd year in a row.

He always seems to choke when it counts. It bothers me. If there’s nothing on the line, he’s great… but as soon as the pressure mounts… oy. :roll:

As an import kicker he better be lights out or he's going to be unemployed. I could see them bringing in some competition next season for him, luckily for the Als they won in spite of him both years because he left a lot of points on the field.

Especially Jamal Richardson and SJ Green.

Congrats to the Alouettes... they showed why they are the defending champions... if there is a team to lose to, its them... they are a class organization and team, and they displayed that after the game as well. Enjoy the win Montreal fans!

Christopher Milo is done CIS this year - Montreal-born, played for Laval, terrific kicker AND punter.. he'll get a chance somewhere, and the Alouettes makes sense to me..

Congrats Montreal. Guys like Calvillo, Cahoon, Anwar Stewart who have been there since the start.
I think this certainly helps cement Calvillo's legacy. Gone a choker title as now he has back to back grey cup wins.

Also kudos to Saskatchewan on their season. As I left the stadium, I saw many of their fans in tears.
Really small Alouette contingent but very loud and overall great fans.

it will come down to where he goes in the draft, but im with you i would not be shocked to see him with the als next year or really soon after that if not.

That could hurt, :frowning:
the family > :twisted: < ties.

Well done Montreal, you are a class act!

If you want to be the best, you've got to beat the best.

Today, the Riders couldn't beat the best. Plain and simple.

Good game, Montreal. Same time next year?