Congradulations Winnipeg ur our new Saskatchewan

lmao Marcel Desjardin loved the roughriders when he was here and seems Obie loves Winnipeg lol who is the next team to be the only one to profit off Us perhaps we should trade Jesse Lumsden for Charles Roberts

Too bad Charles Roberts is a Lion, it'd likely be Lumsden for a football, maybe a practicing dummy & a 5th.

I remember people saying "Whos this Tay Cody?"

Next season we'll have Barker, and 2 highly selected Canadian draft picks not including Mace or Giguere.

It seems brutal, but what would you have Obie do? Call Moreno and apologize? Its obvious something happened with him and thats why he's gone... he either spoke up about the coaching change or was sick and tired of losing.

Why can we replace a coach that has 5 wins in 2 seasons but when we replace a linebacker on the worst Defence that only won 5 games in 2 seasons its the end of the world?

I would see if he could traded for somthing more draft picks.

maybe to another Team

I am sure it has been posted before, but one more time...

We can all sing the chorus together!

Or just the audio:

  • paul

See, even people from Winnipeg hate Winnipeg.

Love that song. They played it while they introduced the Bombers before the pre-season game this year. I expect they'll do it again next week.

While you're at that link, scroll down and click on the play button next to "Tournament of Hearts". Probably the only rock song ever written about curling.