Congradulations to Sandro!

...awesome job this year....winning the Special Teams Player award was well deserved....

Why don't you just marry him? :lol:

...I didn't know they allow access to the library computer during kindergarten detention......

Hey Red, be nice to him, with Duncan in town they may have had to much BC Bud! :wink: :wink:

You know what O'Missy is like when he is doing to much!

Omissy will not be here long I am sure.

What in the Hell is the matter with you?! A fan congratulates a player for a great season and that's all you can say?! If you are in the middle of a deep rooted homosexual panic, please, try to keep it to yourself!!!

Welcome to the twisted world of some riders fans. Thank goodness the majority of them are not like this. :lol:

...scary thing is, while he is a rider fan there is a 1 in 5 chance he lives in Calgary....

bwahahaha wow, Ease up a tad. Notice the :lol: at the end of it all? It was just a friendly zing. You guys are pretty hardcore with the online hatred.

I used to live in Calgary, glad to be outta there though (no offence)

…hardcore to the max, hua…boo the riders and their fans, 'cept the really cute ones, they can stay in Calgary for as long as they want…ulgy ones like you without the head, back to the homestead, and take your fat a$$ gopher with you…step up the border patrol and lets build a goldurn fence…

Enjoying Burris yet? lol

Enjoying Crandell yet? :wink:

bwahahahahaha touche

SH enjoy last place ha ha ha ha ha

I'm sure we'll be around long enough to knock you guys out of the playoffs again. :slight_smile:

The Rider Hand book according to Charlie!

The Rider Fans Insult Book

If a stamps fan ever says anything you don’t agree with, or you find just plain mean do one of the following:

1) Bring up the 2006 WSF we did win that (yeah awesome we won one game)
2) Call some of the stampeders players gay (they may all be married with kids of have girlfriends but they dance how gay is that)

  1. Say Hank throws a lot of INTs (KJ had one less and more fumbles but SHHH! on that)

  2. Call them a stumps fan (close to "stamps" but has that "U" in it that makes it so very funny)

All of these should help any rider fan in a situation when it comes down to a stamp fan.

Severedhead you used number 1 of the hand book well done! NOw move to number 2, 3 and 4.

Hi severedhead, Was'nt that great in the playoffs in 06'. With Smilin Bank at QB Stamp fans can expect more of the same. Look forward to it. Cheers!!!

Nice trolling boys but take your moronic posts to the sad sack team of greenand white!

Well, Just stating a fact RW2005. What big game has Henry ever one. Moronic...I think not. It was'nt only 2006... :rockin: Remember 1997....Remember 1989......As you once said.....Bring it on Princess!!

....german dwelling troll....