Congradulations T Cats your team got no respect!

Congradulations Cats! The Bombers D did nothing tonight! But yourteam had a great game plan!

Thanks RW.

I'm not sure if it was the game plan or if the Tabbies merely wanted the win more. There sure was no lack of effort on anyone's part tonight.

Tonight their offense was attacking that defense so I believe it may have been a combo of both! But great effort thats hope they keep it going!

taking out the bombers 3 top offensive players is a great game plan. how many more weeks before the ticats earn a win, cause right now they're 0-8 in that catagory

:lol: :lol: Wow look who is talking! You guys kicked their butts last week and now you have adacity to come on here and preach that song! Pathetic give credit where it is due! Bomber fans insulted the Tiger Cats all week! They should get some respect!

i wonder how diff. the outcome woulda been had steggal and glenn played?

oh well...good win for the tabbies....still haven't won a game in the white pants, tho...i wonder if those pants are cursed?

i don't like the bombers, i just hate the ticats

Bad night for you then?

Who can hate the Tiger Cats? really!

Gratz to the catz. It was a matter of time before they had a big win. This game definately showed how much of a impact Glenn really does have on this team. Even with the best D in the league to win a game with your 3rd/4th string QB's playing and your allstar reciever out is going to be near impossible.

Not to take anything away from the Ticats they played a solid game..

Hopefully the guy that flew 12 feet out of the stands and landed on his head on concrete is ok.

What the hell was last week? Here come the excuses like I said they would just like clock work! Did you see Cat fans doing this on here I didn't! No respect for the Cats! I believe it was bomber fans that had a chuckle when the Stamps lost to the Cats! Who is laughing now! :lol:

Oxy moron statment of the night

Not to take anything away from the Ticats they played a solid game..

This after he implied the excuses

Classy post bluuengoold. Friendly Manitoba does live.

worst game I have seen the Bombers play all year, it shouldnt have even been close, but hey good on the cats for getting an ugly one.

Red, no offense man but you're obsessed with the Bombers. This is a forum and all and you're allowed your opinion, but jeez, you'd think they killed your father and ***** your mother or something.

You can show the Tabbies some respect by talking more about their win than the Bombers' loss.

On that note, props to the Ticats! Great team effort tonight. Frustrated the opponent in every facet of the game.


they're the definition of crap, but somehow manage to win one here and there, never really earned a win in the last 2 years. they're very easy to hate, plus i hate the city

Thats to bad there is no cities in Canada that I could say I hated! You must of had a bad experience but hey I respect your decision I really do! But those cats tonight should get some respect tonight!

Cheers to the Tabbies, they were hungry. The little General was ready
we got beat up n put in our place. Now it's war..load for lions...Go Bombers..

hell of a game ti-cats i knew they wouldnt come outflat this this game, just becaue of last week's brutal shutout..this tam can play with anyone, there record doesnt show, but im pretty sure there startin to gel

That was the best game the Ticats played all season, they were playing for there existance..The Bombers were playing just anotrher bad we dropped one..

Not really, maybe they'll beat a crappy Argo team next week, but they'll start losing again...