You had this one coming and I am very happy for you. Enjoy :thup: :thup: :rockin:

"My Riders won!…my Riders won!…. My Riders won!"

Congrats, Riders! I liked both teams in this game, so I wasn't rooting for either side, but it's great to see Darian Durant, who seems like a genuinely good guy, finally get the monkey off his back and win a Grey Cup ring as a starter. I also like Chamblin a lot.

Congrats Riders , well deserved.

Congrats to the Riders I havent cheeed much for the green and white in my life I did in 89 and 07 and tonight, great game if your a Rider fan, but as a Grey Cup game I wish the score was a lot closer, still there was a bunch of great plays can't ask much more than that.

Congrats to Riders