Congradulations Eskies on your first win!

I guess the Stamps gift wrapped this for you. It looks like I become a bomber fan next week! :lol:

You know how hard it is to offer congratulations to them?


40,000+ fans and a WIN. Best game of the week so far. [excitment]

Next game they should surpass 9,000,000 fans in the history of COMMONWEALTH! WELL DONE.


wow hello thats a vert classy post almost wants me to clean up ym act...NAHHHHHHHH what are you talking about you didnt score a TD..your QB cant hit a open Receiver, someone should call americas most wanted because Niky is missing and cope trying his Randy Moss fro look, losers...

Another solid day for Ray 31/40 for 392 yards 2 TD 0 INT
and Jason Tucker,8 catches for 152 yards, 2 TD, longest of 38 yards. I’m glad the esks changed from their “take what you can get” short pass offence to a real eskimo passing offence from the first to second half.

Attendance: 40,491

Just as I predicted in a previous thread(40,000) :smiley:

Yeah, we almost gave this game to the Stamps.

Entertaining game most definately and huge 2nd halfs by Jason Tucker and Ricky Ray.

We have to get Troy Davis more involved though. And, I'll be in Winnipeg on Canada Day, so lets go Esks!

Cheer extra loud for all the esks fans back in Edmonton!

It was definitely a good game. Going in to the half I was a bit worried though since it looked like for the second week now the esks were gonna blow it for me.

I think the leson learned from this game is that rokkie DBs can not cover Tucker

Thats the leson you learned??? Rokkie dbs
cant cover Tucker.

Youve got a lot to learn then son.

Wait till you learn about turning the ball over in the red zone with under a minute to
play, or the one about having a linebacker
covering a receiver deep.

Frustrating game to watch for both sides i imagine, with the the better team(on that day)getting the victory.

Good job shmoes, and nice adjustments at the
half Ricky.

I already knew about the turnovers and and linebackers vs. receivers I saw that in the als ticats game before tuning in to the esks/stamps game

yeah eskylo..that first half i was ready to leave

....bloody could have knocked me down with a feather.....what was Burris thinking, red....or was it a Rambo mis-communication////...anyway congrats to the Esks....tough one for the Stamps.... :roll: i picked you guys this week ...i may have to re-assess your talent level red2005.. :wink:

Not at all Pappa, the staff they have will get it done. I ma not concerned. They had this game and basically a miscommunication ended tt for them. However, it seems the Eskimos made necessary adjustments to confuse our DB's and I can tell you that will not happen again.

lol we destroyed your DB....your offence didnt throw a TD. you couldnt even get close most of the night Burris looks horrible...have fun

Ya right thats why you guys boo'd your team off the field at half time ha ha ha
You better hope the next time your team is much better because the result will be different. :lol:

you know whats sad, having 19,000 at a season opener.calgary

thats what a real crowd does we tell our team when they suck..they came out and made DJ Ruffin look like a little bitch, and well scott coe vs Jason Tucker.....good defensive scheme put coe on jason again red we will just emberass your defence .Yet our defence has made little Niky look like the punk he is 1 rec- 7 yds :smiley:. and Burris 1 TD in 2 games. it was our game the whole night.

so with all those terrible stats why coulden't ya win last week

Keep bragging little broomstick eskimo pie! Your team was worried very worried about losing that game even the little sugar plum fairy was worried! Labor Day will be much different you can bet on it! :lol:

And the atendance number you gave is wrong like most of your posts :lol:

oh im mistaken it was the west semi last that had 19,000....(whitch is ever more emberrasing)...and i saw your crowd in game 1 it was less then 20,000

im gonna brag because you cant throw a TD on us unless its a lucky one like you got in game 1...anything to say to that????? how didnt burris liek the head shot from summersell???:smiley:

but you're both 1-1 and you could be in last place tonight. Brag about that!