Congradulations Bombers your first win!

Congradulations Boo Bomber fans!


we did it the drity NFL way (using the D), but a win is a win! LOOK OUT EVERYONE, THE BOMBERS ARE COMING!!!

Thanx...we have some work to do...but the D was T.N.T ....oy..Go Bombers..

Enjoy it while you can, KK, cuz come next week, chanting "Eskies' gonna kill them!" :lol:

See the Bombers fly up, up!
To win the Grey Cup.
Our boys who play this grand old game,
Are always striving for glory and fame!
See the bombers fly up, up,
The other teams they don't fear,
They all try their best,
But they can't get near,
As the bombers fly up!

highly unlikly, Ray is about as good as Glenn. :cowboy:

Congrats bombers. Way to shut them down.

I'm getting sick of hearing everyone give excuses to Rick Williams about not being in game shape. This is the 4th game long is it going to take for a professional athlete to get into game shape?

Sounds like he's making excuses for himself.

Hank did you lift the lid of that container and let something out! We will now have to listen to KK for a week oh oh oh! I have a head ache!

And the fawning talking heads keep talking about's CFL Football for gawd's sake, not The Ricky Williams Show......did a running back who did next to nothing EVER get such attention from the announcers? Gimme a break.

Well Weedy is finding out the guys up here are not a push over that is for sure. Can you believe the interview before the game. The sad little puppy eyes sells nothing. If you are going to be a star here prove it. First half 5 carries for 5 yards pathetic! :lol:

Congrats to WINNIPEG , they deserved to win.

As for Williams , I think it is safe to say that ALL of the ARGOS played like crap tonight , except for NOEL.

Winnipeg , have a better team than last year.

But there is still a 3 way tie for first and it should be a 4 way tie , after the Cats beat Montreal.

no, not if the Bombers win the Grey Cup, then you will lisson to me celebrate for a week.

but how is that different form now?

The Argos just could not get their offense going against a very hungry defense!

...Roberts wins that showdown....and i think the other teams in the league should take notice of the WPG. 'D'...AWESEOME and they really haven't gelled yet......should the Bombers have kept Wynn ...nope...we have our first win ...its a start..bring on the ESKS. :wink:

Tonight , the ARGOS couldn't get going against my grand mother. :lol:

RW ran into a wall, just like I said he would. :lol:

...i thought thats an apt description....but i have to say Wynn and Glenn probably played worse than your grandmother... :roll:

Put it this way Pappa good thing the defense showed up. But your right Glenn and Wynn played badly.

... i loved watching our d' dismantle took me back to the good ol' days ...goBigBlue

What? yesterday!