Congradulations Bombers and All Mighty Als!

Two very entertaining games tonight. The Cats showed they are improving each time out yet the Als came out the winner!
What can you say about the finish of the Bomber/Eskie game tonight! Milt showed up and proved once again he is not ready for retirement!

ass kisser

Wow, I thought the Bomber fans were annoying last week with all the whining, I never thought they could get any worse.

lol, montreal

lol, internet

give me a break go read his other posts

I have read his other posts... and I can clearly see that despite the trash talking, RW05 does not take himself that seriously. I am not sure that the same can be said for some of the Bomber fans that have been posting here the last week.

You see you can not win now can you! And they wonder why I slag them! Hey there are some very good bomber fans but there are twice as many morons! And you are now a witness to that! Now I know what the ref's feel like :lol: :lol: The thing is when the bombers lose make sure those plastic knives are taken away from these characters! They just might hurt themselves!
The thing here is that I enjoy the attention from these guys! Keep it coming boys! Thats see some day they will come up with something original!

Oh by the way the All mighty Als are first in the East!

Really I guess you have not seen that I congradulate teams when they win! Maybe just go through the old threads and check it out! Then tuck tail boy!

You don't congradulate teams when they win, you troll the forums waiting for the bombers to lose. Your first post last night was even before the game ended and it went something like this. "Bombers lose again, could this be a trend" That was your post after edmonton was up 3 points with 11 seconds to go. If you congradulate teams for winning your post would have been like...

"Good job Edmonton, got a lucky fumble but you pulled through the win..etc..etc"

But no...

You trolled the forums and started a topic about the bombers losing..Don't pretend you don't (editted for lack of class).

....woah...don't have to be bitter with ol' red...just point out the errors of his he is slowly finding out....and those jerks in Las Vegas...Bombers are not the push-over team they thought Taman was going to field....and now we can see some proof...i've looked up a few new recipes for eating crow....i.m sure red....and a few others will enjoy it....but not quite yet....i want them to get the FULL flavour. :lol: :lol: .

It's CONGRATULATE. There is a "T" not a "D".

I take back what I said about Bomber fans... I mean from the PM I received calling me a f$g and challenging me to come to Winnipeg to fight, I can clearly see that none of you take yourselves seriously at all.

....nope...serious ...never...but i would like you to come to WPG. for the Grey Cup... :thup:

Again you are stupid! I did not deny I was going to slag the bombers who doesn't! But like everyone else including the eskies coaching staff got fooled by the last play of the game big deal! So I pulled a Maccocia! I slag the bombers every chance I get! No denial there so what is your problem! Some of you bomber fans are worst fans in this league! Almost brings me to the point I want to cheer on the Riders! IN fact I will when the riders play the bombers! But the fact is like you and your playstation buddies on this site I am entitled to my opinion! I dislike the Bomber team and some of their fans! Troll I doubt it! It seems you have a passion for crying! Win or lose you cry!

Pappa you have to win the GC for me to have eat the bird! But I believe at the end of the season you will feast on that black bird!

Well I am sure this is coming from only the few class less Bomber fans! Pappa keep the kiddies in line will you! Time for a curfew!
I got a couple as well! But hey it is nice hearing from them! Its not that I do not like the attention! :lol:

I wonder where rawnotsorookieray is right now. Cat got your tongue?

I'm happy for the Bombers even though I'd picked Edmonton to win in the fantasy league (grr). :slight_smile:

I switched the TV off after the Edmonton TD because I figured it was over. But man, did Glenn redeem himself for that retarded fumble. And Stegall ... one of the all-time greats.

You're the worst Stamp fan I've ever met - ONLINE! I stopped posting on this board for a reason. Man... I'm glad papa, and co. are still suporting the Blue on this board. :thup:

No disrespect to Stegall, who is one of the all time greats in the CFL, but with the way the the Esks played that last play, I think any number of CFL receivers could have done that. First of all, he ran right by one, who looked like he bit on a fake. Where in the hell did he think he was going to go…back to the QB? They needed 100 yards, only one pattern they’re going to be running, the go. And then Frank with that pathetic excuse for a tackle. All Stegall had to do was make a relatively simple catch and sidestep a bodycheck. A good play, yes, but nothing that any number of receivers couldn’t have done themselves.