Congradualtions Riders you went in the back door!

Well Rider Fans the Als helped you out today no more pacing and no more sleepless nights. You now have two games left in the season.

They deserved it. Unfortunately I couldnt cheer for a team whose
owner gives his coach an ultimatum like Lonie did.

Its bush league.

Lonies a complete joke. He makes the league look bush.

Would have been nice to see the Gades win and have it come down to the last week of the season to determine the playoff positions.

Riders clinch a hard-earned playoff spot that they managed to win over Ottawa even though they lost both games to Ottawa early in the season when the team was injured and struggling. Good job Riders, you earned it!

hard-earned you taking Suitor lessons! I do agree they earn it more then that say Ottawa!

I believe it is called sarcasm RW

All i can say is GO MONTREAL GO!!!!

Ok I respect that! Really though the Riders do desrve it more then the Gades. Really I do not know what is worse Gilbermans or Feteriks. I would take the Feteriks and son Kevin before the Glib's who are total jerks.

That's true no class what so ever.

I still dont like the crossover.

So all the West teams are in except Winnipeg :cry:

Better luck next year Ottawa

congrats to the Riders, but like all teams that have COed before them, they will make a quick exit in the first round,. Unless some freaky good fortunes proper them in to representing the east in the GC. NO, no that's not worth thinking abou.

Congradualtions redwhite. we need more trolls like you!

Wouldn't it be MORE fun for the ARGOS to beat SASK. in the EAST FINAL? :wink: :lol: :smiley:

I hope you're kidding. I'd take the Gleibs in a heartbeat. They might be a little loonie, but you know damn well they wouldn't mess with a WINNING team like Feterik did. They're just coming up with piles of wacky ideas to try and fix a broken franchise... but unlike Feterik, even they know if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Considering the outcomes of Argos/Riders games this year, I'd be a little worried if they do beat Montreal, hellothere. I would just LOVE to see a prairie grey cup. GO STAMPS! GO RIDERS!

I am more worried about PLAYING MONTREAL. :wink: :smiley:

Trolls are green my friend I am all about Red and White! By the way it is nice to see the Riders not lose a game this weeked! Oh they didn't play! Now that is trolling!


Didnt you guarantee a win today for the Bombers?

I believe KK said 'wind'