Congrads to KingsGate Ti-Cat Cheerleaders and Lesley!!

For those that weren't at the Grey Cup game, you probably missed this.

But one of the biggest cheers during the Grey Cup game was when our cheerleaders, in the middle of their standard routine, removed their winter jackets to reveal their cat suits and do a special Grey Cup routine for the remaining time.

It was a very nice move and it had fans from across the CFL on their feet.

Also, whenever they performed during one of the many Grey Cup festivialities, they always had a large crowd watching them and left people talking afterwards!!

Great job during the Grey Cup game!!

As a life-long Ti-Cat fan now living in Winnipeg I can honestly say that was the highlight of the game for me.

I'm sure the Bomber cheerleaders are wondering why they didn't think of it.


And to echo BoxJBoy...IT'S TRUE...the Ticat cheerleaders were the crowd favourites and the CLASSIEST of all the dance teams!

Well done and the team showed us proud! :thup:

I echo that too guys. I was at the game and it was only thing I could be of proud (to my argo fan friend) as a ticat fan this year :slight_smile:

I don't wanna sound like a pig or anything, but I'm pretty sure most of the cheers were due to the fact they removed some clothing. :lol:

Their routine had nothing to do with being a pig. Minus 6 in the stands, and cooler on the field and our girls show the west how tough the east is. Way to go girls.

Good routine. The little stunt had the whole stadium looking at the Tigercat Cheer Team as opposed to the other 3 cheer teams on the field at the time. Classy move!!

Nice buttons!

I wonder if removing the coats would be viewed as a poor choice, and I wonder if there will be a price to pay?

I don't mean to divert this thread in another direction but I was impressed that the Argo cheer squad were out front of the stadium and in the stands peddling their calendars. (I didn't buy one as I was hoping the Ticat cheer squad would come by doing the same.)

Ha ha, good on the boyz. Thnx for posting the pics Tigger.

We got more press this year than our own beloved team. Saw a story on the CTV National News and also written up in the Globe too:

Just goes to show you that stay true to your cause, dress normally and be whitty and you'll eventually win the battle. Long Live the Forbidden Website!

You know you're getting older when Ron Lancaster's autograph jumps out at you before anything else in the Tigger/ Leslie picture LOL!!!!!


I Made one Last year(LULU), I have the only Calender.

I wish to make another, But I need Pics from all you Gockers, Send them to me at argos_suckATcogecoDOTca

All Proceeds will go to The Cheerleaders


Hey Girls

Great Job at Grey Cup, you stole the show, can't wait to see you do it again next year!