Congi's Field Goal Attempt

I can't believe the coaching staff had Congi attempt a field goal from beyond the 50 yd line with no wind at his back. If the team generally stinks, why put this guy in an almost impossible situation when they knew he had a chance to stay on track to beat McCallum's single season record. I realize personal stats mean little when it comes to team success, but there was nothing to gain in this case and they should have punted.

51 yards is not an unreasonable distance for a professional kicker. It's too bad the streak is over, but a lot of kickers - including Luca - can hit from that distance.

I believe kicking a field goal from almost centrefield and being accurate enough to put it through rates 4 of 5 stars for difficulty. You would think a coach in that situation would punt the ball and save the streak for the kicker's sake, it wasn't going to make any diffenence at that point. If the 3 points meant a win, no problem, do it, the hell with the streak. We haven't had a lot of positive things to talk about this year, and one of the bright lights, was shut off.

You try to get points any time you can get them.

Streaks mean squat.

51 yards is not an unreasonable distance to ask...and I'm sure Congi knows he'd make that kick 80% of the time.

The problem wasn't the distance it was the rushed play. Fantuz comes running in with 7 seconds on the play clock barely get snap off and congi would have felt rushed for sure. Coach Cortez should have called a timeout. Once again shows you how poor this coach is

8) Exactly right !!

Answered your own question.

And I'd add that this takes pressure off Congi: if through some miracle the Cats find themselves in a position in the next few weeks that Congi is called on to make a difficult kick that means something, he won't have the streak hanging over his head.

Hendy77 - Your are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, Congi does not have foot strength to complete that kick. Anything in from 47 yards or less is makeable for Congi. Compare his kick off distance with the wind and it's just not acceptable in my eyes. Watch most of the other kickers and Congo does not have the leg strength to compete with the big boys.

I'm not sure why they didn't attempt the earlier one from the same distance, and possibly in the other direction with the wind?

What was the point of trying to pin BC deep, the defense couldn't stop them even if they were on the 1 yard line. Might as well take a shot at getting 3 points when you have the opportunity.

As much as I didn't like to see Congi's record broken, that shouldn't even come into consideration.


Hendy77 claims that Congi can make this kick 80% of the time. Would you still say he's absolutely correct?.

Normally, I would agree with the school of thought that says you go for the points in this situation by trying
the 51 yarder, but in this case, I disagree. We're looking at a team here that has little to offer and it was great
to see Congi approaching a CFL record. We also know that even with a wind behind that kick, he likely would have
fallen short because of his lack of leg strength. In this case, and this is just me, I'd have punted.

Another consideration is that if Bakari Grant and caught a ball that was very catchable a play or two earlier,
the offense would still have been moving the ball toward the BC goal line and there may have been no need
for a field goal, but if there was, it would have been in Congi's range.

I am getting very irritated by dropped balls like this from our so called premier receivers. I'm definitely not
on side with the thinking that we have receivers among those who are the best in the league.
More often than not, they are the reason that our QB looks bad at times. INCONSITANT is the word here.

Why was Fantuz late coming in???? Maybe if he was paying attention to the game he wouldn't have been late coming in

How many times has Fantuz gone offsides this year? In fact, in his pro career? I remember him going offsides and negating a big Durant scramble in the 2010 Grey Cup game, late in the fourth quarter. He seems to have a lot of trouble staying onside at the snap.


I was thinking the exact same thing during the game. I didn't think he would make it but you need to try, saying your not going to send him out because you want to keep his streak intact kinda makes it a pointless streak.

I agree. Nice try on the field goal attempt, too bad about the streak. End of Story.