Congi may consistently hit a field goal from 40 yards. However, one thing for sure he can't kick off - The Riders enjoyed a 20 yard field position advantage everytime the Cats kicked off. That's a huge area of concern. Something like having Sandro doing the kick offs again. Bartell's punting showed well. I certainly hope the Cats fix that kick off problem or it will be a problem every time they kick off.

With how poor of a defensive unit we have, the opposition could start on their 1 every drive and put 30-40 pts up against us.....Congi's not to blame for the worst defensive unit in the land...

His opening kick landed at around 10-12 yard line. It was also the only kick that he made with the wind at his back. Every other kick he made was into the wind, and those kicks are going to land significantly shorter than ones without wind or into the wind.

from an outsiders persepctive who wanted to see you guys woop sask, you didnt lose because of Congi.

His kickoffs were no worse than Milo's. He may not boom them through the endzone, but he's decent enough doing kickoffs.

I think the bigger issue you'll notice as the season rolls along, is that Jim Daley is employed by the Tiger Cats and in charge of special teams. He may be a nice enough guy, but we here in Saskatchewan enjoyed the worst special teams in the league under him a few years back. I don't think it was a coincidence that Special teams were really good last year without him, with primarily the same players.

I was at the game last night and the Rider kicker had NO problem with his kickoffs. While punting was not really a problem for the Cats, punting for the Riders was an adventure. Nontheless, kicking is one third of the game and if the kick off problem continues it will be a long season. The Medlock hangover is starting to wear off..............

Congi was fine.Defensive schemes and offensive play calling were a huge issue.

Yea Im not too sure how out of everything that went wrong last night you start a thread blasting Congi..

When I saw the thread title I expected it to be positive: '.. the only thing that went right last night' type of thing.

Kicking off wasnt amazing, but it wasnt terrible.. it was fine.

Agreed, especially with the defense.

While Congi was undoubtedly the least of our problems, Wildcats is 100% correct in his assessment.

His kickoffs were not good. Too high and not deep enough.

He kicked the vast majority of his kicks into the wind. Those were never going to be deep. His opening kickoff landed around the 10, which was the only kickoff he made with the wind at his back. Congi played a fine game and is the last thing that should be complained about.

he was a lot better Argos Prefontain tonight !

I've tried to erase the memory of that game but if I recall, the problem with our kick offs was more a problem with the fact the Riders actually set up a good return game. Our kick returns were pathetic. It seemed the Riders got down field faster than our own blockers.

Nothing wrong with kicking it high against the wind. Gives the cover guys a chance to get downfield to prevent a good return. They didn't.

Congi had one bad kickoff, the rest were fine. I can't complain.

Well said, thump up :thup: